Top budget grooming kits for men on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 17 May 2021
Top budget grooming kits for men on Amazon India
Top budget grooming kits for men on Amazon India

Today, it has become more important than ever to make a lasting first impression. Be it interviews or official meetings, the best way to charm someone is by presenting yourself as a well-groomed individual. The best way to spruce up yourself is through a grooming kit, as it is the all-in-one solution for all your grooming needs. But before picking up any of the grooming kits available in the market, ensure it has several modes and attachments and gives a good enough battery performance. Here are a few of the good and budget-friendly grooming kits available on Amazon. 

Nova NG 1151 Grooming Kit for Men 

The Nova NG 1151 Grooming Kit for Men is a multi-functional trimmer that comes equipped with a self-sharpening blade. Suitable for body grooming, beard, moustache, nose, ear, eyebrow, and hair clipping, the Nova trimmer is an all-in-one solution for all your trimming needs. All of its attachments are washable and waterproof, which means all you need to do to clean them is rinse them with clean water. It claims to offer super-quick charging and can receive a full charge within 1.5 hours. This device features a 60-minute runtime, and the kit has a trimming stand, making your grooming and trimming sessions easy and comfortable. 

Men Rechargeable Professional Haircut and Grooming Kit 

The Men Rechargeable Professional Haircut and Grooming Kit is an ultra-durable trimmer built for long-lasting performance. Equipped with a fast feed clipper that helps in keeping the noise minimal, this grooming kit also features a rechargeable 2500 mAh lithium battery cell that can offer 300 minutes of runtime on a three-hour charge, according to the brand. It comes with a thumb taper lever on the left side that enables easy adjusting of hair length from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. With self-sharpening stainless-steel blades and a swift blade speed, it makes sure that the trimming is fast with no pulling or tugging of hair. The grooming kit offers six high-quality plastic guide combs along with a blade guard and cleaning brush. 

Syska HT4000K AquaTrim

The Syska HT4000K AquaTrim features a total of nine length settings that ensure you get the hair length of your expectations. The multi-purpose trimmer comprises of SensoCut blades that give guaranteed precision and safety while you groom yourself. It is versatile and can be used for nose hair trimming, precision trimming, beard trimming, body grooming, and hair clipping. In terms of battery performance, it offers 60 minutes of cordless use after 90 minutes of rapid charging, according to the brand. It also features a travel lock that avoids battery discharge while you travel, a digital battery indicator, and universal voltage (can be used anywhere in the world).     

Hatteker Men's Beard Cordless Hair Trimmer 

The Hatteker Men's Beard Cordless Hair Trimmer consists of a ceramic-titanium blade that provides enhanced performance, longer sharpness, and prevents any type of skin irritation. It offers a five-degree tunable blade that has a range of 0.5mm-2.5mm and a precision dial that has a scope of 3mm-8mm. Coming with three different attachments in the form of a hair clipper, beard trimmer, and detail trimmer, this grooming kit can be used on moustaches, sideburns, goatees, and other body and facial hair. Some of its other noteworthy features are an LCD display, one-key lock, and a 100% waterproof build. Protection Status