Best full-body trimmers for women on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 14 May 2021
Best full-body trimmers for women on Amazon India
Best full-body trimmers for women on Amazon India

Whether you're looking for your first full body trimmer or upgrading from a manual razor, picking an electric full body trimmer can be tricky. You might be tempted to focus purely on the best shaving performance. However, you must also pay attention to features that ensure a gentle grooming experience. Great ergonomics and wireless operation are also good to have. To save you the trouble of hunting for all these features on your own, we've curated some models available on Amazon. The following options come with the right balance between powerful specifications and capable features for your needs.

Painless Lipstick Shape Shaver

The compact design of the Painless Lipstick Shape Shaver makes it easy to carry around in your bag. A sleek on-off button on the body makes it easy to use while also adding to the aesthetics. It also features an indicator light so that you know if it has accidentally been turned on. To protect your skin, the design includes a 3D pivoting knife net. Easy charging via a USB cord ensures that your shaver is ready at all times for your shaver needs. The build of the shaver is durable and water-resistant, ensuring that the device lasts long.

Concepta Women's Rechargeable Double Razor

Stainless steel blades on the Concepta Women’s Double Razor ensure a rust-free life for high durability. The model supports cordless as well as corded usage for ultimate flexibility of usage. Weighing only 99grams, it is highly portable and travel-friendly. With a charging time of eight hours, it aims to deliver one hour worth of shaving time. This makes it capable of serving you for multiple shaving sessions over a single charge. Its Active Hair Lifter feature uses vibrations to lift flat-lying hair for the best shaving results. The ergonomic curved design makes it easy to grip and use at all angles.

Skull Shaver Butterfly Kiss Electric Shaver

The Butterfly Kiss electric shaver from Skull Shaver is water-resistant for equally effective dry and wet shaves. The blade assembly on the model is self-cleaning, making maintenance an easy task. The shaving head can be detached for easy storage. It comes with a lithium-ion battery for portable use. A single full charge aims for 70 minutes of cordless shaving, ensuring that it lasts for several grooming sessions. The model comes equipped with a Carver blade with five shaving heads that can flex according to the grooves of your body. The small palm grip keeps it convenient to use for a wide range of hand sizes.

Painless Electric Shaver

The 600mAh battery on the Painless Electric Shaver aims to deliver 60 minutes of shaving time on a full charge, making it capable of being used for multiple shaving sessions. Even when you run out, its plug-and-play capability allows you to use it while it is charging. With multiple attachments like a shaving cutter, a short-haired knife and an eyebrow trimmer, the model gives you complete flexibility to achieve the desired shaving results throughout your body. Low noise performance helps you use it without any disturbance. The stainless steel blades and the ABS body are built to be durable for your needs over a long period. 

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