Best body groomers and epilators for women on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand | Published on 22 Apr 2021
Best body groomers and epilators for women on Amazon India
Best body groomers and epilators for women on Amazon India

Hair removal can be a chore, especially when you need to remind yourself to make appointments at the parlour. If you do happen to make those on time, the ordeal isn’t over as you still have to suffer through having all your hair ripped off your body. Why not just make the switch to shaving with groomers and say goodbye to the indignities of hair removal? Some groomers and epilators can also be used on sensitive areas as they come with accessories made for the same. Here are some of the best ones that you’ll find on Amazon.

Wahl 09865-2924

The Wahl 09865-2924 comes with different detachable heads so that you can remove hair from all parts of your body. The eyebrow trimmer should help you say goodbye to the pain of threading as it can be used to remove extra hair and shape those brows. The rotary facial shaver can be used throughout the face so that you get an even application of foundation. It also has a detailing head for the bikini line, underarms and other sensitive areas. The brand claims that the Wahl 09865-2924 has a battery that can last an hour once charged. 

Veet Sensitive Expert Trimmer

The Veet Sensitive Expert Trimmer is a product offered by Veet, a company that made its mark in the hair-removal segment. This product has been specifically designed for your sensitive areas, which means that you can use this on the bikini line, sideburns, and upper lip. The Veet Sensitive Expert Trimmer can also be used in the shower as it is waterproof. The combs are claimed to be highly precise and should give you the brows you want. The brand also claims that the battery can last for 45 minutes once it's fully charged.

Philips Touch-up HP6388

The Philips Touch-up HP6388 is a handy device to have to touch up your eyebrows and upper lip as it has a precise 1.3-inch head designed to remove hair and shape them. This a compact device that can be placed in your handbag, if needed. It comes with a separate eyebrow comb that should help you get the shape you want. With the combination of two combs, it offers two different hair length ranges, 1mm – 4mm and 2mm – 4mm. You need two AA batteries to power this groomer. 

Braun Epilator 5-500

If you’ve been using epilators for the past decade, you know that Braun is one of the OG names to hit the scene. The Braun Epilator 5-500 is one of the most well-known products offered by this brand. This product is ideal for beginners as it uses the SensoSmart technology to guide you while you’re removing the hair by telling you how much pressure is needed for different parts of the body. As this removes the hair from the root, you can expect the same results as waxing as far as regrowth is concerned. It also has a massage cap that vibrates and can help reduce any pain or soreness. 

Philips BikiniGenie BRT383

The Philips BikiniGenie BRT383 is specially designed for the bikini area. It has a small trimming head that should be easy to manoeuvre around, while the ergonomic handle ensures that your hand doesn’t get tired. It has rounded trimming tops, and this should help prevent cuts and nicks. It comes with two combs that let you choose between – 0.5mm, 3mm and 5mm. The blades are washable, so you can clean them pretty easily. It also comes with a cleaning brush that should help you keep things hygienic. 

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