Top external portable SSDs that connect to Android phones on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 27 Jan 2022 13:05 IST
Top external portable SSDs that connect to Android phones on Amazon India
Top external portable SSDs that connect to Android phones on Amazon India

Despite having massive internal storage space, mobiles often get cluttered with forwards and media that eats up space for important photos, videos and apps. To counter this, you need to opt for an external portable SSD to connect to Android mobile phones. External portable SSD lets you store all your favourite movies, music and other video content and grants easy and quick access to them whenever you need it. These days SSDs come with USB C connections which make them very friendly with Android smartphones. In most cases, you can use it as a permanent extension to your phone's internal storage. So here are some of the top external portable SSD's that connect to Android phones.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD

Perhaps one of the most popular portable SSDs, this can fit well with Android phones, MacBooks, and Windows PCs. Thanks to the 1TB internal storage of the SSD, you can store all your favourite movies, video content, music pictures, applications and more and access them in an instant whenever you need to. It has a USB C connection that makes for fast data transfer and a stable connection. You can even edit files without having to copy them onto your phone’s or laptop’s internal storage. If you work with multiple devices and want applications to be spread across these devices, then this is a great portable SSD to pick.

Samsung T7 1TB Up to 1,050MB/s USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps, Type-C) External Solid State Drive

Here is a USB 3.2 Gen 2 external SSD that works well with mobile phones. It has a transfer rate of up to 10 GBPS which can be fully utilised when you connect it to a fast laptop or a phone with ufs 3.1 storage. It is quite compact and can be easily stored in your bag, making it the ideal travel companion. With this external SSD, you can take your content wherever you want and watch it without having to worry about the space being taken up in your Android mobile phones. It comes in a variety of colours which add some personality to your external peripherals.

Dell Portable SSD, USB-C 250GB

If you're going to be exclusively using an SSD with your Android phone, this portable SSD from Dell is the one to go for. It has a highly compact design, 250GB of storage and an included USB type C cable which can be connected to your smartphone, iPad, MacBook or other USB C devices. Since it has only 250GB of internal storage, it can be used as an extension to the internal storage in your mobile phone. While you won't be able to store any installed applications on it, you can still save applications setups which eliminates the need to download them again and again if you work with multiple devices.

Seagate One Touch 1 TB External SSD

This external SSD supports up to 1030MB/s transfer speeds and can be used to seamlessly take backups from your Android phone using a dedicated app. Thus you can effectively transfer photos and videos and keep them secure while freeing up space on your phone’s internal storage. The drive is also compatible with Windows and Mac PCs. It also has a sleek design with an aluminium top and woven fabric sides. 

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