Pick SSDs with 3D NAND for higher storage capacities on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 17 Mar 2021 14:06 IST
Pick SSDs with 3D NAND for higher storage capacities on Amazon India
Pick SSDs with 3D NAND for higher storage capacities on Amazon India

3D NAND is an architecture for SSDs that was designed to overcome the limitations of 2D NAND. Unlike the previous-gen planar architecture, where memory cells are arranged horizontally, 3D NAND uses vertical stacking, which maximises density without increasing the size of the storage. There are other benefits too: lower power consumption, better endurance, faster reads/writes, and a lower cost per gigabyte. To help you pick the best SSD with 3D NAND storage for your system, we’ve shortlisted a few options available on Amazon.

Crucial MX500 1TB SATA 2.5-inch 7mm Internal SSD (CT1000MX500SSD1)

The Crucial MX500 1TB SATA 2.5-inch 7mm Internal SSD drive is the latest addition to flash memory drives offering massive data storage in various formats. You also get a data protection facility through its in-built exclusive data defence feature protecting it from getting corrupted. Its other advantage is hardware-based encryption through which personal files and confidential data can be kept restricted for limited use only. Even if your system accidentally shuts down due to a sudden power outage, NAND will protect your data as efficiently.

Western Digital WD Blue 1 TB M.2 2280 SATA Internal Solid State Drive (WDS100T2B0B)

Western Digital WD Blue SATA Internal Solid State Drive comes with a storage capacity of 1 TB and supports DDR4 Ram for superfast computing and efficient memory access. Its sequential read and write speed goes up to 550MB/s and 500MB/s respectively. This 3D NAND SSD is highly beneficial to professionals like lawyers, journalists, students and doctors who not just require a proper data storage device but also the safety of their database files for future use. Western Digital products are well-known for offering data safety, enhanced power efficiency and reliability.

Seagate Barracuda Q1 SSD 480GB

The Barracuda Q1 SSD from Seagate aims to make upgrades from HDD drives easier with its plug-and-play compatibility with SATA connections. The drive aims to deliver speeds up to 6Gb/s to keep all your computing blazingly fast. The Barracuda Q1 also promises a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1.8M hours and a total of 280 TB bytes written. This assures you that your data is safe for long term usage. The SeaTools SSD software helps you monitor drive health, performance and track firmware updates. The Barracuda Q1 is built to operate without hitches in an operating temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees Celsius, making it durable.

XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB PCIe M.2 2280 3D NAND Solid State Drive (ASX8200PNP-1TT-C)

XPG SX8200 PCIe M.2 2280 3D NAND Solid State Drive has 1TB storage capacity and is perfect for PC enthusiasts and expert gamers who crave for larger data storage limits. The SSD comes with a superfast PCIe Gen3x4 interface that supports read/write speeds up to plus 3000MB per second. It also supports power consumption of just 0.33 Watt making sure that your electricity bill doesn’t soar high even after long usage hours. Its E2E Data Protection feature helps in preserving your data from getting lost or corrupted without affecting other programs. The gadget lets your PC run at a superfast speed even when you are using high-quality graphics or playing HD games for a longer duration.

ADATA Ultimate SU650

The ADATA Ultimate SU650 uses SLC algorithm to deliver high sustained peak SU650 read/write speeds up to 520/450MB per second. This makes your boot times lower, and data transfers faster. With support for Error Correction Code technology, the drive can detect and fix errors to ensure data integrity so that you always have access to your data. Its MTBF of up to 2 million hours shows that the drive is built to last as well. The ADATA Ultimate SU650 is designed to be resistant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. Without any mechanical components in its design, the drive also aims for silent performance, helping you focus on your computing tasks.


The Sandisk 1TB SSD’s nCACHE 2.0 Technology is created to improve its overall speed. The technology functions by first moving every piece of data to the drive’s high-speed buffer before transferring it to the flash array. As a result, faster burst speeds are enabled. With the 3D NAND architecture, the model enhances its reliability and brings down the power consumption. The SanDisk SSD Dashboard helps you monitor the drive’s health and track important firmware upgrades. This makes drive management super easy. It also features a utility aimed to make drive migration easier. For all your data transfers, the drive promises a sequential read speed of 560MB/s and a write speed of 530MB/s.

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