Best 2TB external SSDs to Consider on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 13 Feb 2022 17:54 IST
Best 2TB external SSDs to Consider on Amazon India
Best 2TB external SSDs to Consider on Amazon India

External storage technology has become quite impressive these days. With the help of enclosed SSDs, you can harness the speed and reliability of SSD storage drives with you wherever you are and enable quick data transfer. The market is flooded with good external SSD options to choose from, and picking one can be quite a chore. At any rate, SSDs are worth it and enable quick and reliable data transfer via USB-C, making for more consistent performance. Incidentally, you can also edit files, as they don’t need to be copied onto the system. So, here are some of the best 2TB external SSDs on Amazon. 

Samsung T7 Touch 2TB

Here’s a 2TB external SSD that aims to offer portability and security. It comes with a fingerprint scanner at the top, which means only those with authority can access the data within. The fingerprint sensor can be customised and assigned a function with the phone app or your laptop. You can input a fingerprint for storage. Apart from that, the 2TB storage size should come especially handy if you’re a video editor, photographer, or gamer. The SSD functionality enhances connection speeds and transfer rate. 

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD

If you’re in the market for something durable and reliable, this is the right pick. Since SSDs are quite small, the enclosure is compact too, and SanDisk has made it all the more durable. It comes with a USB-C to C cable in the box and a USB-A adaptor, which is great if you have an older laptop. With the USB-C connection, speeds are quite fast, and the connection is stable. It has a carabiner hook placer, which means you can hang it in your travel bag and have it ready to use at all times. 

Western Digital WD My Passport SSD 2TB

This 2TB external SSD is a tad pricey, but the features and large storage space, not to mention ultra-fast speeds make up for it. The features include a ribbed and professional-looking design that happens to be compact, especially considering the 2TB storage size. Not just that, it comes with the assurance of durability - it can withstand drops and bumps up to 6.5 feet, ideal for adventurers and explorers. It can also store a backup of your windows, and you can restore it on a new laptop in case of an emergency. You can set a 256-Bit AES encryption as well. It offers read speeds up to 1050 MB/s

Seagate One Touch 2 TB External SSD 

Looking for a drive that comes with more than just storage? This is the one to go for. It comes with a long term warranty. It can also be password protected in case of sensitive data. Incidentally, a purchase of this SSD will also net you 4 months of Adobe Creative Cloud, a valuable software for all creative professionals. Seagate promises up to 1030 MB/s data transfer rates, which is quite impressive. Despite being feature-packed, it is compact and portable. 

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