Top smart door locks for your home on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 17 Jan 2022 15:06 IST
Top smart door locks for your home on Amazon India
Top smart door locks for your home on Amazon India

With the rate of burglaries rising across the country, protecting your home has never been more critical. While CCTVs do help in surveilling your surroundings, they technically can’t protect your home. If you are looking to give your home security a significant upgrade, you must look at smart home locks. These innovative locks combine innovation and security that allow you to sleep peacefully at night. Offering multiple modes of access in the form of RFID cards, PINs, fingerprints, and more, they make sure only authorised people can gain access to a home. If you are trying to find the ideal smart home lock, make it a point to only go for those variants that offer a long battery life, an auto shut-off function, and a durable design. Following are a few good options for smart home locks on Amazon.     

Open Smart Door Lock 

The Open Smart Door Lock lets you unlock your door in 5 different ways - fingerprints, a passcode, Bluetooth, RFID cards, and emergency keys. This means you can always have access to your home, even when you have forgotten your keys! To keep a check on which person is entering your home at which time, this smart lock maintains a 24/7 access log that can be retrieved through its app. Keeping every security lapse in mind, this smart lock also has a masking security code mechanism in place. All you have to do is enter decoy digits before or after the actual passcode to throw off the onlookers! Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Open Smart Door Lock has a long battery life of 8 months. 

Lavna Smart Door Lock  

The Lavna Smart Door Lock boasts a 360° fingerprint sensor that can unlock your door within 0.4 seconds only. It eliminates the need for manual locking, thanks to its auto-locking system. Hence, once the door closes, it automatically locks itself! It offers several ways of unlocking, including fingerprints, Bluetooth, RFID cards, mechanical keys, and OTPs. The door lock has a low battery indicator to indicate battery status. Moreover, to give access to someone for only a particular period of time, the Lavna Smart Door Lock also provides time-based entry. While the smart lock has a prolonged battery life, there are slight chances that it may drain quickly upon heavy use. In such situations, the smart lock can be powered through its external power port. 

Yale Smart Door Lock (YDR 343)  

The Yale Smart Door Lock (YDR 343) will keep the burglars out, but what if they try to break the lock with a hammer? Its built-in loud alarm will get triggered in such a situation, scaring the burglar away! In terms of access channels, it offers RFID cards and PINs that you can use to unlock the smart lock. It would let you know the operation status and how to set different features and modes through its cutting-edge voice guide technology. There is no need to worry if you forget to lock your door while leaving in a hurry, as it has an auto-lock mechanism. Moreover, if the Yale Smart Door Lock (YDR 343) is drained of power, you can just attach it to a standard 9 V battery. In addition to these specifications, it also has a code scrambling tech in place. Just type in some random numbers before or after your code to fool onlookers! 

Valencia Smart Door Lock    

The Valencia Smart Door Lock has a fashionable and advanced touch keypad in place that enhances the aesthetics of your door. It gives you a total of 4 ways of accessing your home - through fingerprints, RFID cards, pin codes, and mechanical keys. It comes with a voice guidance system to make switching through different modes convenient. If someone tries to break the door or enters an incorrect code 3+ times, the lock would sound an alarm and disable access for 3 minutes to prevent trespassing. It works on 4 AA batteries to ensure long battery life.     

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