Secure your cabinet drawers with these electronic locks on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 23 Aug 2021 16:48 IST
Secure your cabinet drawers with these electronic locks on Amazon India
Secure your cabinet drawers with these electronic locks on Amazon India

Most of us place our expensive belongings inside of our cabinet drawers without any second thought. Overall, it’s inside of our room, and it has to stay safe, right! However, there is always a chance of a security breach, and if you have expensive belongings at home, you might want to ensure its safety with electronic locks for cabinets. Why? Well, these devices can make sure only authorised people can access the cabinet, keeping theft at bay. In case you are on the lookout for such locks for cabinets, make sure that the one you finalise can deliver reliable and swift unlock speed. Following are a few good options of electronic locks on Amazon that would be ideal for cabinets:  

Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock 

The Fingerprint Cabinet Door Lock is powered by an AI intelligent chip that runs on self-learning algorithms. This technology helps improve the recognition ability of the lock, ensuring it can unlock in not more than 0.5 seconds! With the ability to store up to 20 fingerprints, your entire family can access the cabinet safely and securely. Plus, with an administrative function, you can ensure only an authorised person can add or remove a fingerprint. Coming in a rechargeable design, the fingerprint lock can get easily charged with a USB. Since it consumes minimal power, it can last for a whopping 180 days on a full charge!    

Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock  

The Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock delivers a robust response, as it can get unlocked within 0.5 seconds only. The lock gets secured automatically after a few minutes once you have unlocked it, ensuring even if you forget to lock it, your belongings will remain safe and secure. This cabinet lock can record up to 40 fingerprints in its memory, which means only people you trust can access the cabinet. Moreover, since it can get charged with a micro-USB cable, it offers a seamless charging experience. You can even charge it with a power bank! Apart from these, some of its other notable features are an AI memory, wide application, and emergency charge. 

Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Lock   

The Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Lock features scramble PIN technology, which means you can enter any 16-digit number on the lock panel. As long as the original sequence is within the 16 numbers, the lock would unlock. This feature helps ensure that even if someone is snooping, they can’t get the right passcode! It also has a public mode that keeps the lock unlocked in case you have to access its content regularly. Once the drawer is shut, the lock is automatically secured, even if it is not locked manually. In addition to these features, the Ozone OZFL-201 Electronic Lock also incorporates a low battery indicator, emergency USB charging, and a master PIN code.

Fingerprint Lock for Wooden Furniture 

The Fingerprint Lock for Wooden Furniture comes furnished with a built-in AI intelligent chip with a self-learning algorithm and an efficient, stable, and safe processing system. This ensures you can easily unlock the cabinet within 0.5 seconds! The fingerprint recognition area comes equipped with a three-colour sensing light to provide real-time feedback on the status of the drawer fingerprint lock. It can record up to 20 fingerprints and supports multiple people to manage a file cabinet at the same time. The lock also has a decoder in place, which helps ensure that if the lock cannot get opened, you can always unlock it.        

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