Book safes that can be disguised as hardbound books on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 23 Aug 2021 17:03 IST
Book safes that can be disguised as hardbound books on Amazon India
Book safes that can be disguised as hardbound books on Amazon India

It has been rightly said by Larry Dossey, a leading physicist, that if you want to hide your treasure, put it in plain sight, as no one would be able to see it! If someone breaks into your home while you are away, they would probably go for the locker, expecting the valuables to be stored there. But you can easily bamboozle them by hiding your sensitive valuables in plain sight through book safes! These safes have been designed to blend into a bookshelf, so much so that no one would be able to tell it apart. If you are looking for a book safe that can be disguised as a hardbound book, make sure it comes along with a metal lock for additional safety and a seamless design that blends in easily. Following are a few good options of book safes on Amazon that can be disguised as hardbound books:

AmazonBasics Book Safe 

The AmazonBasics Book Safe allows you to conceal your valuables safely and securely, thanks to its seamless design that can blend in on a bookshelf. Under the book cover is the safe’s actual cover, which comes equipped with a reliable locking system. Once you unlock the safe, you would come across a spacious interior. Here, you store your cash, credit cards, tickets, important documents, jewellery, and other treasured items. In terms of looks, the AmazonBasics Book Safe features a fabric cover and spine, which has been explicitly designed to look like a book. It is available in multiple colours to ensure you purchase the variant that best suits your bookshelf!     

SHOPO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Dictionary Book 

The SHOPO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Dictionary Book is a portable lockbox that comes in a creative design disguised as a book. Its finish is next to perfection, as it can blend into a bookshelf without anyone noticing. It has been engineered with strong materials to ensure durability. The SHOPO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Dictionary Book also features a lock that adds to its overall security. It offers ample space for storing credit cards, jewellery, essential documents, and cash. Apart from hiding your valuables, it can also be used as a place to store your car keys, as it would help ensure you never forget where you placed them!  

Gnexin®Metal Hidden Secret Book 

The Gnexin®Metal Hidden Secret Book is a strong and compact steel safe, ideal for safely storing money, passports, jewellery, handgun, and more. The book safe ensures easy access to valuables when you need them since you know where it is stored. It can hide in plain sight on a bookshelf, thanks to its refined look that matches a hardbound book. The book’s hidden compartment can only be accessed by a key that further adds a level of protection. In addition to these features, the Gnexin®Metal Hidden Secret Book also has a sturdy build and seamless design.     

anne-kee Book Safe Dictionary 

The anne-kee Book Safe Dictionary enables you to keep your valuables safe ingeniously. Featuring a handy book-like design, this book safe can easily blend into a bookshelf. The anne-kee Book Safe Dictionary comes fitted with a durable metal safe, spacious enough to store your passports, credit cards, cash, and jewellery. You could also use it as a space to keep your home and car keys, things that tend to get lost frequently, making it a versatile safe. In addition to these features, the anne-kee Book Safe Dictionary also boasts a refined design and aesthetic patterns.       

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