Biometric door looks with spy code option to mask unlock code on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 23 Jul 2021 11:01 IST
Biometric door looks with spy code option to mask unlock code on Amazon India
Biometric door looks with spy code option to mask unlock code on Amazon India

Digital door locks can secure your home or office from intruders, but you will need to safeguard the access codes adequately. There is always a risk of some onlooker figuring out the PIN you entered, and that’s precisely why many digital locks these days integrate an option to mask PIN code.  These locks allow you to fill in random digits before and after your access code to mask it. Here are a few good options available on Amazon that help you keep your PIN safe. 

OPEN Door Four Smart Door Lock

OPEN Door Four Smart Door Lock is meant only for right-handed door access. 4 AA batteries, that last for 8 months, must be used for smooth functioning. The door can be unlocked in five different ways, i.e., through mechanical emergency keys, fingerprints, RFID, passcode and NFC cards. 100 users can be registered with their fingerprints, and the smart lock can have up to 100 NFC card users. One can even keep an OTP passcode or a customisable passcode for guests with an expiration period. The installation of the smart lock is easy. There are extensive activity logs maintained in the application that works with this lock, and it can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.

Godrej ADVANTIS Revolution

Godrej ADVANTIS Revolution has a unique privacy function where the safety button, when switched on, will prevent the lock from being opened from the outside by RFID or a password – this is especially useful if there are children in the house. A mechanical key can override this mode. The user can set a 4 to 12 digit passcode for enhanced access security, and 100 users can be registered. There is an adjustable spy code where random numbers can be added before or after the password. There is a low battery indicator in the digital lock to alert the user to replace the batteries. If the passcode is entered incorrectly five times in a row, then the alarm goes off, warning the residents of intruders. The lock is equipped with 360-degree Fingerprint Registration. Additionally, the smart lock is compatible with remote and video door phones too.

OPEN Door Two Smart Door Lock

OPEN Door Two Smart Door Lock works for doors with 32 - 60mm thickness, with the help of 4AA batteries that last for nearly 8 months. The lock handle orientation can be easily changed. The smart lock is managed through the Tusk Smart Home mobile application. It has a 5-way unlocking system using fingerprints, Passcode, Bluetooth, NFC card, or Emergency keys. The user can register up to 100 fingerprints and add up to 100 NFC Card users to the said lock. OTP for guests is an additional option. The 360⁰ fingerprint access increases the responsiveness and the functionality of the smart lock. It has a durable design. With its 24/7 Access Logs, it is easy to access notifications and alerts regarding the information that the smart lock has to provide. It is easy to install.

LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock

LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock is a smart home solution and can be used in multiple spaces. The minimum door thickness that is required for the lock to fit properly is 34mm. One can use fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, mechanical unlocking or unlocking through passcode and key cards for this lock. 100 registrations can be done for RFID unlocking and another 100 for passcode unlocking. The 360-degree fingerprint sensor that is responsive ensures that the unlocking happens within 0.4 seconds. It is simple to install and can be used on right-handed or left-handed doors. The user also has an auto-locking option where the door gets locked the minute it is shut.

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