Spacious double-door deep freezers ideal for long-duration storage on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 22 Jul 2021 13:01 IST
Spacious double-door deep freezers ideal for long-duration storage on Amazon India
Spacious double-door deep freezers ideal for long-duration storage on Amazon India

If you own commercial space and need to store food items in a large quantity, investing in a deep freezer can prove fruitful as it helps preserve food for longer durations. If you are looking for a deep freezer but don’t know which brand to rely on, this list can help narrow down your options and order one from Amazon without hassles! 

Blue Star CHF500 

The Blue Star Deep Freezer sports a pre-coated zinc body resistant to corrosion and ensures greater durability. This economical deep freezer has a capacity of 484 L and does not require any complex procedures for installation. It also comes with built-in lighting and a lock and key system to keep your food safe and fresh for a longer amount of time. The heavy-duty freezer has castor wheels at the bottom so that you can move it around at your convenience. Moreover, the high-density PUF Insulation provides greater cooling, which can last through power cuts and prevent food from getting stale. So if you are planning to invest in a high-capacity double door deep freezer with a strong build and a recessed handle, then this one can make the cut.

Voltas CF HT 320 DD P 

If you thought that Voltas only excelled at making premium quality air-conditioners, then you are in for a surprise as it is also making its place in the deep freezer industry! This double door freezer provides environment-friendly CFC free insulation, so you don’t have to worry about the environment or cooling. It has a double door at the top and a basket and operates at AC 230 V/50 Hz. It can provide optimum cooling thanks to the corrosion-resistant insulation and the Stucco Aluminium inner liner, which maintains hygienic conditions so your food can stay fresh for longer durations. This 320 L freezer is equipped with castor wheels for easy mobility, and its body is made from UV grade plastic to ensure its longevity. It can maintain temperature as low as -18°C, so you can store ice creams or frozen foods worth days of consumption without breaking a sweat!

Haler HCC-460HC Double Door Freezer

The Haler HCC-460HC is a hardtop convertible double door freezer with a normal basket available in white colour. Its 5-side freezing technology ensures that the four walls and the base provide uniform cooling, thus ensuring double its capacity (as claimed by the company). It operates in a wide voltage range of 160-260 V, which makes it less dependent on a stabiliser, and Haler claims that it can save up to 40% energy, thus reducing your electricity bills by a great margin! You can set the temperature between 10 to -18°C depending on the type of food you store or your requirements. The 429 L freezer sports an L-hinged lid and 3-layer Trapezoid design to avoid cool air leakage and ensure better temperature retention. So if you are looking for a freezer that ensures proper cooling without freezer burns or ice crystals, this one can be a good choice.

Panasonic 500 L CH500H1A

The last deep freezer in this list is by a company that is trusted by thousands of people for its premium quality products, Panasonic.  This double door deep freezer can prove to be a great (and useful) addition to your shop, restaurant or commercial space if you constantly need to store perishable items in the freezer. This deep freezer can be adjusted to provide cooling in the range of +5°C to -28°C, so you can easily adjust it as per your requirements. It is powered by high-efficiency compressors to deliver long-lasting performance. You can store the optimum amount of things in this 500 L freezer as it has a storage basket, so you don’t run out of space! The lock and key system provides greater security, while the sturdy swivel wheels make the task of moving around the deep freezer much easier!

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