Multi-door refrigerator suitable for use in Restaurants on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 07 Jul 2021 11:29 IST
Multi-door refrigerator suitable for use in Restaurants on Amazon India
Multi-door refrigerator suitable for use in Restaurants on Amazon India

Running a restaurant is not an easy affair. From procuring adequate inventory to maintaining quality, thousands of variables have to be kept in mind to keep a restaurant up and running. The most important of these factors is upholding the stellar freshness of fruits and vegetables. Through multi-door refrigerators, you can ensure that the vegetables and fruits you serve to your customers are garden-fresh and crisp. If you are looking to buy a refrigerator for your restaurant, make sure it features a large storage capacity and comes equipped with multiple qualities that can maintain long-term freshness. Following are a few good options of multi-door refrigerators on Amazon that would be suitable for restaurants:   

Hisense 507 L Multi-Door Refrigerator RQ561N4ASN 

The Hisense 507 L Multi-Door Refrigerator RQ561N4ASN offers a unique convertible section where you can adjust the temperature between -5℃ ~ -18℃. It runs on a no-frost technology that ensures cold air is circulated evenly throughout the refrigerator. Featuring a moisture-free crisper, the kitchen appliance can regulate the internal environment for optimum food freshness. It is powered by two independent cooling systems that ensure the ideal humidity level is maintained both in the fridge and freezer section. It also boasts a Super Freeze functionality that can lock all the vitamins and nutrition inside the food items, maintaining their freshness. In terms of storage, the refrigerator has bigger drawers, XXL door balcony, and six separate freezer drawers, ensuring you can store all of your vegetables conveniently. Some of its other notable features are a triple cooling zone, a sleek water dispenser, and holiday mode. 

Samsung 693 L Side-by-Side Refrigerator RF60J9090SL/TL

The Samsung 693 L Side-by-Side Refrigerator RF60J9090SL/TL comes in a timelessly stylish and refined look that would add a touch of professionalism to your kitchen. The depth of its counter and its height harmoniously blend into your kitchen, adding to its aesthetics. Working on a triple cooling system, the refrigerator can independently control and optimise temperature, maximise humidity, and prevent odours. Offering the Cool Select Zone +, this refrigerator would give you the ultimate food storage flexibility. With a chill mode in the bottom right door that provides precise cooling for fish, meat, and poultry, this refrigerator can retain its freshness and flavour, making it ideal for restaurants.    

AmazonBasics 670 L French Door Refrigerator

The AmazonBasics 670 L French Door Refrigerator features triple cooling zones that enable you to store food in three different areas that are regulated by different temperatures. This mechanism makes the refrigerator a one-stop solution for all your refrigeration needs. Since it is powered by energy-efficient technology, this kitchen appliance consumes minimal energy, making it both energy and cost-efficient. It also has multiple cantilever shelves and pull-out drawers for easy access and surplus storage of fruits, vegetables, snacks, and pantry items. Moreover, it comes with an Intelligent metal-based cooling system that evenly distributes cooled air to maintain the required temperature. Apart from these, it also boasts a non-plumbed water dispenser, a soft LED touch panel, and auto-defrost technology.      

Panasonic Econavi 601 L Multi-Door Refrigerator NR-DZ600GKXZ 

The Panasonic Econavi 601 L Multi-Door Refrigerator NR-DZ600GKXZ functions on AG Clean Technology that can deactivate up to 99.99% of mould and bacteria inside the fridge compartment. With an airtight structure of the Fresh Safe Vegetable Case, the refrigerator ensures food freshness is maintained for a longer period of time. It has Gentle Surround Cooling through which cold air is blown from the rear panel to the sides of the stored items. It also has toughened glass shelves and a double vegetable case that helps you efficiently organise your food. The refrigerator also has an LED display that allows you to control the cooling and freezing temperatures accurately. 

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