High capacity direct cool refrigerator on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 14 Mar 2021 15:39 IST
High capacity direct cool refrigerator on Amazon India
High capacity direct cool refrigerator on Amazon India

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator that is ideal for a  family of 3-4, then you should probably look for ones with a storage capacity upwards of 210L. Such high-capacity refrigerators give you enough space to keep vegetables, large, heavy pots, bottles, frozen food items and much more with ease. Refrigerators that use direct cool technology are a good option as they give you efficient, quick and even cooling throughout the fridge without breaking the bank. Keeping such features in mind, we have created a list of four refrigerators that are available on Amazon that you can buy to meet your needs. Note that the products have been selected solely on the basis of their listed features.

Samsung 212L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Here is a single door direct cool refrigerator from Samsung that comes with 212L of storage capacity. It uses Digital Inverter technology that not only helps in providing an energy-efficient performance but also noiseless operation. Since the compressor works at seven different levels, it improves the durability of the appliance considerably. The refrigerator has a large vegetable tray so that you can keep more veggies with ease. The deep door guards can store 2L bottles and have enough space between them for you to keep tall bottles. On the exterior, it has a chic design with an elegant chrome-plated handle to add that extra shine to your kitchen.

LG 215L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

If you are looking for a high-capacity single door refrigerator that can safely operate without a stabiliser, then this refrigerator from LG should fit the bill. The 215L refrigerator runs on a smart inverter compressor and uses Direct Cool technology to give you an efficient overall performance. It can operate safely at a voltage range of 90-310V, keeping your appliance safe even during voltage fluctuations. The smart inverter compressor should ensure better performance by consuming less power and further helps in giving you a noiseless experience. The special lattice-type vegetable box should ensure that your veggies remain fresh and crisp for a long time. The toughened glass platforms can hold up to 175kg, as tested in the labs of LG, which means you can easily place heavy pots on them without worrying. Furthermore, the door guards help you keep a number of 1L and 2L bottles in them. The fridge also comes with a drawer at the base for you to keep dry vegetables like potatoes and onions.

Samsung 230L Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This high-capacity refrigerator from Samsung with 230L of storage space is one of the biggest single door refrigerators in the market, according to the brand. It uses direct cool technology to give you the right amount of cooling quickly and runs on Digital Inverter technology. The fridge gives you a stabilizer-free operation between a voltage range of 100-300V without any issues. The anti-bacterial gaskets used in the fridge should help with keeping the food items inside fresh and germ-free for longer durations. You can keep tall bottles of water or other drinks in the smartly designed big door guards. It also has a large vegetable box to accommodate more vegetables. The large base drawer gives you enough space to keep all your dry vegetables in one place.

Haier 220L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This single door refrigerator from Haier comes with a high storage capacity of 220L, making it ideal for a family of 3-4 people. It runs on Direct Cool technology to give you quick cooling. It comes with a Defrost button which you will have to turn on to defrost the ice formed in the freezer compartment. It has a large vegetable box with a good depth to store a lot of vegetables at one time. The bottle guards on the door allow you to keep multiple 1L bottles and cans of cold drinks with ease. The toughened glass shelves are smartly spaced out so that you can keep a mix of both big and small pots on them. Another user-friendly feature of this refrigerator is that it uses the Hour-Icing technology, which helps in making ice from scratch in just one hour, as claimed by the brand.

Haier HRD-1902CMS-E

If you are looking for a direct cool refrigerator that delivers faster cooling, then this model from Haier should do justice. It uses the Diamond Edge Freezing Technology (DEFT) to improve cooling and ice formation in the fridge. The fridge has a storage capacity of 190 litres, making it big enough for a nuclear family. Thanks to the large vegetable box at the bottom, you can store quite a lot of vegetables in the fridge at the same time. The toughened glass used in this fridge is strong enough to hold heavy pots, as per company claims. The defrost button can defrost your freezer as and when needed. 

Samsung RR26T389YUT/HL

Here is a 255-litre single door Direct Cool refrigerator from Samsung that should be ideal for a family of three people. It runs on a digital inverter compressor, so you can expect a noiseless and energy-efficient performance. Another interesting feature along the same lines is that this refrigerator can run on solar energy as well, helping you protect the environment by using clean energy. The fridge has a base stand drawer to keep vegetables like potatoes and onions that do not require cooling. The toughened glass shelves on the inside are claimed to hold weight up to 175kg, enabling you to keep even heavy pots on it.

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