Best double-door refrigerators suitable for large families on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 18 Oct 2021 14:21 IST
Best double-door refrigerators suitable for large families on Amazon India
Best double-door refrigerators suitable for large families on Amazon India

When you live in a big family you always need to have ample storage of food and other essential ingredients. One of the most common complaints of large families is the lack of refrigerator space. To solve this problem, double door refrigerators with large storage capacities were designed, and they have become a must-have for many families. If you’re looking to get your hands on one for your family, the ones we have listed here should make your set of considerations. Read on to find some of the best double door refrigerators available on Amazon.

LG GL-I292RPZX double door refrigerator

This LG GL-I292RPZX double door refrigerator has Jet Ice technology that helps to make ice within 90 minutes. The LG refrigerator’s smart diagnosing helps to diagnose and solve any problems related to the refrigerator. With the auto smart connect you can connect the refrigerator to your home inverter in the time of power cuts. This refrigerator comes with a revolutionary door cooling technology that enables you to convert the freezer to a refrigerator for additional storage space. The stabilizer free operation allows your refrigerator to operate safely even if your locality has power fluctuations. This LG double door refrigerator has a stylish design with durable tempered glass shelves, ample space for bottles, a twist ice tray and multiple airflow cooling to circulate air in all corners. 

Samsung RT34M5538S8/H double door refrigerator

This 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator gives you 5 modes to take care of all your refrigeration needs. This refrigerator has a cool pack that keeps your food frozen at below 0°C for up to 12 hours to ensure that your food stays fresh even in case of long power cuts. The digital inverter technology gives the refrigerator a long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. The Power Freeze and Power Cool features of this refrigerator provide a rapid cooling performance to both the freezer and the refrigerator. The deodorizer present inside the refrigerator eliminates any strong smells to keep the air inside the refrigerator fresh. This refrigerator also comes with a door alarm that rings after 2 minutes of leaving the door open, so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy if you accidentally leave the refrigerator door open.

Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S double door refrigerator

The IntelliSense inverter technology of this whirlpool helps to adapt cooling according to the internal load. The zeolite technology prevents your fruits and vegetables from excessive ripening and keeps them fresh for a long time. This refrigerator comes with a Microblock technology which keeps the bacteria away and prevents bacterial growth to keep food fresh. The Freshonizer in the refrigerator reduces oxidation to maintain freshness.  Uniform cooling is provided by the fresh flow air tower with Flexi vents which are strategically placed to provide cooling in different areas.

Haier HEB-25TDS-E double door refrigerator

With its twin energy-saving mode, this Haier double door refrigerator is a good option if you are looking for a refrigerator that consumes less energy and saves more power. The thick PUF insulation helps to retain low temperatures for better cooling. With a claimed 2x bigger vegetable box you get extra storage space, which is very useful for big families. This double door refrigerator gives you 8 convertible modes for different refrigeration needs. Twin inverter technology ensures that the compressor and fan run at different speeds which makes this refrigerator both energy and cost-efficient.

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