Best budget refrigerator for Indian kitchens on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 22 Apr 2021 12:43 IST
Best budget refrigerator for Indian kitchens on Amazon India
Best budget refrigerator for Indian kitchens on Amazon India

A decade or two ago, the term budget-friendly tech often led people to believe that they’d compromise on certain key features when saving on price. However, the market is so competitive that top brands are offering budget-friendly items with good features to ensure a loyal customer base. Thus, if you’re looking for a good refrigerator and don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, you can still end up buying a product that is reliable and safe to use. Here are a few reliable budget-friendly refrigerators that you can find on Amazon.

Samsung RT28A3453S8/HL

The Samsung RT28A3453S8/HL has a 253-L capacity, making it a suitable option for homes with 2-3 people. The double door fridge is equipped with auto-defrost technology to ensure hygiene and cleanliness at all times. It runs on a digital inverter compressor that regulates its energy consumption based on its load, thereby helping you save on that front. Due to this, it has a 3-star rating. It also runs without a stabiliser and has a voltage range of 100V-300V. Finally, the refrigerator also has a digital display on its door so that you can check its operational mode and temperature at a glance. 


The Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S has a 256-L capacity which makes it a good fit for small families. It is equipped with the Intellisense inverter technology that allows it to automatically connect to the home inverter in the event of a power cut. This can ensure that your food won’t spoil. The technology also allows it to adapt its cooling to suit its load, thereby consuming less energy. It has a 3-star rating. An interesting feature is that it has a convertible freezer that can be used in five different ways - deep freeze, chef mode, all-season mode, dessert mode and party mode. 

Godrej RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR

The Godrej RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR is a 236-L double-door refrigerator that’s equipped with Anti-B technology. The brand promises that this technology inhibits bacteria growth in your fridge, keeping your food healthy. It runs on an Advanced Inverter Technology that allows it to connect to your home inverter when there is a power loss, thereby ensuring your food doesn’t spoil due to the heat. The brand claims that its toughened glass shelves can hold up to 150-kg of load. As a result, you should be able to store all your leftovers without worrying about the shelves buckling under their collective weight. 

Samsung RR21T2H2WCB/HL

The Samsung RR21T2H2WCB/HL has a 5-star energy rating, which is the highest rating any product can receive to attest to its ability to consume less power. This should reflect in your electricity bills. It runs on a digital inverter compressor that allows it to be regular its power consumption based on the load. You can even use energy generated by solar panels to run this refrigerator as long as the energy is within a voltage range of 100-300V. It has a 198-L capacity, which means that it is suitable for small families with 2-3 people. 

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S

The Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S is a good option if you live in an area that’s prone to power cuts, as it claims to retain cooling for nine hours once the power goes. As a result, your food won’t be subjected to the blistering summer heat. Its insulated capillaries and laminar airflow technology should also enhance its ability to cool the interiors and keep food fresh. The fridge has a 190-L capacity, making it suitable for homes with 2-3 people. 

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