4-star energy saving fridge on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 17 Feb 2021 11:37 IST
4-star energy saving fridge on Amazon India
4-star energy saving fridge on Amazon India

With your refrigerator contributing to your high electricity bills in a major way, getting an energy-efficient refrigerator that operates on a smart inverter system makes a lot of sense. Such refrigerators not only consume less power but can run even during power-cuts. Furthermore, they produce less noise which makes them a more convenient appliance to own. Due to such energy efficiency systems, they have 4-star energy saving ratings, which means they can turn out to be quite budget-friendly. If you are thinking of switching to a 4-star energy saving fridge, here are some of the best fridges that you can get at Amazon.

LG 235 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This is a single door inverter refrigerator from LG with 235L capacity that is ideal for a nuclear family or a home with 2-3 bachelors. The smart inverter system ensures that the refrigerator delivers an energy-efficient performance and operates with almost no noise. The smart connect feature helps the refrigerator to directly connect to the home inverter in case of a power-cut. In terms of storage space, it is equipped with toughened glass that can hold heavy loads with ease. Moreover, the lattice-type box cover for the vegetable tray ensures that your veggies and fruits stay fresh for a long time. It also comes with a base storage space in the stand. Finally, the anti-bacterial gasket should be able to keep the food inside fresh and clean for a long time.

Haier 195 L Single Door Refrigerator, HRD-1954CTS-E

Greet the summer with this single-door refrigerator, which has a capacity of 195 litres and is suitable for a medium-sized family. Haier has stood by its reputation of manufacturing energy-efficient products as this refrigerator has a 4-star rating and has an annual energy consumption of 128 KW. It also has an anti-fungal removable gasket and PUF insulation that keeps food fresh for up to 10 hours during power cuts. The refrigerator boasts of features like toughened glass shelves, stabiliser-free operation, instant defrosting, fresh food capacity of 176 litres and an aesthetic design which would definitely complement modern household interiors.


If you are looking for a single-door refrigerator that not only delivers an energy-efficient performance but also has a durable build, then this model from Whirlpool should do the job. It runs on the Intellisense Inverter technology, which makes the refrigerator operate at an optimal voltage and thus reduces the consumption of energy. It has a 4-star energy rating, which means it should help you save on electricity bills. Whirlpool claims to keep 99% of bacterial formation at bay, thanks to its Microblok technology that keeps your vegetables and food items fresh for long periods.

Samsung RR20T1Z2XS8/HL

Here is a 192-litre single door refrigerator from Samsung that sports a stylish design and look, which should be good enough to fit into any modern-day household. The Samsung RR20T1Z2XS8/HL runs on a smart Digital Inverter technology to give not only an energy-efficient performance but also a noiseless one. Direct Cool technology is said to reduce energy consumption, as it spreads the cooling evenly throughout the fridge. This fridge has a 4-star energy rating certification, which should give you assurance regarding that it will not be too hard on your electricity bills. If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of the appliance, note that it has a grand door design with a unique handle, and the Elegant Inox colour makes it more stylish.

LG 190 L Single Door Refrigerator GL-B201APZY

The list would be incomplete without mentioning LG, one of India’s most trusted brands for home appliances. This refrigerator has received a 4-star rating as per the 2020 BEE rating, which means it will consume less energy and lower your electricity bills. The Smart Inverter compressor, coupled with the stabiliser-free operation, promises to deliver exceptional performance without making much noise. It’s equipped with the revolutionary smart connect technology which connects it to the inverter during power cuts. The “Moist n Fresh” box cover maintains optimum moisture while the toughened glass shelves can hold up to 175kg (as per LGs internal test standards). It has a fresh food capacity of 168 litres and a freezer capacity of 22 litres, making it ideal for a medium-sized family.

Whirlpool 200 L Inverter Single Door Refrigerator 

This 200-litre single door refrigerator by Whirlpool has a 4-star energy rating and an eye-catching crescent door design. The Intellisense inverter technology boasts an energy-efficient inverter compressor and comes with a lost starting voltage of 95V. The durable toughened glass shelves, anti-bacterial gasket, honeycomb lock technology (that keeps the vegetables fresh for longer durations) and the microblock technology (which prevents bacterial growth) should help keep the food fresh and cool for more extended periods. The makers also claim that it can preserve milk up to 12 hours during power cuts (thanks to the Magic Chiller technology) and provide up to seven days of garden freshness to vegetables and fruits.

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