Top compact powerbanks on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 14 Jan 2021 14:53 IST
Top compact powerbanks on Amazon India
Top compact powerbanks on Amazon India

Smartphones these days are coming out with capacious battery sizes. They last long and also have fast charging capabilities, which make it very convenient to forget about charging your phone. If you are someone who travels a lot or is out on the road very often, then a compact yet efficient power bank is for you. Compact power banks are lightweight, take less space and fit easily in pockets, and now with fast charge features, they’re even more convenient. So, if you want to get rid of the hassle of carrying a bulky power bank to charge your phone, check out these compact power banks which you can get on Amazon. 

Ambrane India PP-501 5000 mAh

A power bank is perhaps one of the most important phone accessories you can get. It ensures that your phone is juiced up for any situation, and the Ambrane PP-501 is a power bank built around improving the travel experience with a power bank. This charger is light, portable and sleek, so it fits right into any bag or pocket when you travel. It comes with a short cable, handy and rather neat, allowing you to use the phone hassle-free while charging. Along with that, it offers a power output of up to 5V, which is more than enough for charging your phone at normal speeds. The power bank also comes in two colours – black and pink, so you can go ahead and make a statement with your power bank. 

Belkin 5000mAH Lithium-Polymer Power Bank

Here is a 5,000mAH battery bank from Belkin which has a sturdy design and build. It is compact and will fit easily into your luggage without being an issue. You can even throw it in your hand bag, or pockets, if you want extra convenience of charging anywhere. The battery bank is light, has a single USB-A output and a single micro USB input port. The advantage of the single output port is that it charges your phone at 18W, which should top up your phone in a short while. At the side, there are LED indicators which tell you about the current battery level in the power bank itself. Together with all these features, this powerbank becomes a good pick for those who are always on the move and need power

PTron Dynamo Lite 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

The PTron Dynamo Lite is a good power bank with a backup of 10,000mAH. The device is capable enough to charge your phone more than once when full, which makes it a good pick for long travels. Apart from that, the power bank comes with overcharging safety, which should ensure a long-lasting battery. The outputs on this power bank are two USB-A ports with varying voltage, a USB-C port for fast charging. The top of the power bank sports 4 LED lights with markings, to tell you how much juice the power bank has got.

GIZMORE 10000maH Super Compact

The Gizmore power bank is a super-compact offering which comes with a grip design making it easy to carry around with you. The power bank has two USB-A inputs for charging multiple devices at once. The power bank itself can be juiced up using a micro-USB port which supports fast charging- meaning that once you’ve plugged this in, you’re good to go in an hour. The useful LED indicators give you an idea of when the power bank is running out of juice. It also comes with a handy short cable which you can use to charge your phone while you have the power bank in your pocket.

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