Power banks with digital display to conveniently monitor the charge on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 07 Jul 2021 15:56 IST
Power banks with digital display to conveniently monitor the charge on Amazon India
Power banks with digital display to conveniently monitor the charge on Amazon India

Power banks have made our lives convenient, and there’s no denying that. However, the only shortfall of these powerful charging stations was that they couldn’t indicate the exact charge they had. But even this deficit has been fulfilled as today, power banks come with a digital display that enables you to monitor its charge conveniently. If you are planning to buy a power bank, make sure it works on powerful lithium-polymer batteries and features a digital display. Moreover, also ensure it features certain safeguards so that it can shield your devices against short circuits and overheating. Following are a few good options of power banks on Amazon that come along with a digital display:    

Portronics Indo 20D 20000 mAh Power Bank 

The Portronics Indo 20D 20000 mAh Power Bank has dual input charging options that consist of micro-USB and Type C ports. Both these ports support 2.0 A fast charging, enabling you to charge multiple devices quickly and efficiently. Using good quality lithium-polymer cells, the power bank ensures you can power up your smartphone in little to no time. It offers 6-level protection against short circuits, voltage overloads, and overheating, ensuring your device is safe from every possible hazard. It boasts a rugged and compact body with an anti-skid grip that prevents the power bank from accidental falls. Fitted with an LED digital display, you can monitor the status of the charge of the power bank, allowing you to know whether it can sustain multiple devices or not. 

ROMOSS 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

The ROMOSS 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank features a digital display on its body that doesn’t only show the battery percentage left but also intimates the charging voltage and charging current. Equipped with an exclusive fit+ fast charging technology, this power bank ensures you can charge your devices at a swift speed safely. It offers universal compatibility, as it can support any USB-charged device, such as GPS navigators, smartphones, tablets, or PSP game consoles. Moreover, with its built-in safeguards, it can protect your charging devices from short circuits and excessive current. It comes furnished with a micro-USB port, Type C port, lightning input, and two USB ports, ensuring it is the one solution for all of your charging needs.    

Veger W1056 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

The Veger W1056 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank would be the ideal travel companion for you as it comes in a pocket-sized and lightweight design. Featuring a total of two USB ports and a single Type C port, this power bank can dock multiple devices simultaneously. It offers universal compatibility, which means that it can support any USB-supported device, ranging from fitness bands to Bluetooth speakers and smartphones. It comes fitted with an LED display that allows you to keep tabs on its battery percentage. Its exterior look matches its robust performance, as it features a sturdy and premium design.   

NIPPO Power Bank 20000 mAh 

The NIPPO Power Bank 20000 mAh comes with high-density lithium-polymer batteries that give the power bank enough juice to charge up your devices safely and quickly. It has dual micro-USB and Type C ports that support 10.2 Watts of fast charging. It is furnished with a digital battery indicator that precisely indicates the remaining battery levels. This allows you to decide whether you can take your power bank with you outside or not. It also has a textured ABS body that provides comfort and prevents the power bank from slipping out of your hand. Featuring nine layers of protection, this power bank protects your devices from overcharge, short circuits, and over-voltage. Apart from these, some of its other notable features are that it is easy to carry and offers universal compatibility.  

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