Compact power banks with USB Type-C port on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 23 Feb 2021 16:41 IST
Compact power banks with USB Type-C port on Amazon India
Compact power banks with USB Type-C port on Amazon India

Phones have become our constant companions and are used throughout the day. Irrespective of what profession you’re in, you’ll be needing your phone to get done with tasks, and a low battery will only mean trouble.  You can invest in a power bank to save some trouble and avoid waiting near the charging point for several hours! If you’ve made up your mind and are on the lookout for some quality power banks, then you can refer to this list which includes some of the best power banks with a USB Type-C port that you can find on Amazon.

PTron Dynamo Pro 10000mAh Power Bank

This powerful power bank by PTron has an inbuilt 10000 mAh high-density Li-polymer battery that can charge your phone several times in a day! It has 2 output ports, (USB-A and type-C) and 2 input ports (Type-C and micro USB) and supports 18W fast charging (optimised 3A charge) so you can charge up to two devices simultaneously. The power bank can be fully charged in 3-4 hours and also has a power indicator to show its battery level so you can charge it before the battery dies out. It has an ergonomic design with hard ABS exterior and multiple layers of advanced protection to save your device from voltage fluctuation, overcharging, etc., which is provided by its multi-protect chipset.

URBN 10000 mAh 22.5W Super Fast Charging Power Bank

This power bank by URBN is packed with a 10000 mAh battery and supports fast-charging if you have a phone that is compatible with a 22.5-Watt adapter to ensure maximum speed. The makers claim that this compact yet efficient power bank can charge a 3000 mAh battery up to 2.4 times and a 4000 mAh battery up to 1.8 times. Weighing approximately 213g, the power bank has dimensions of 14 x 6.8 x 1.5-cm. It has 22.5-Watt dual ports and has Type-C input/output so you can charge two devices simultaneously. The power bank also boasts of 12-level protection which ensures that your device is safe from short circuits, voltage fluctuations, high temperatures and much more! The LED indicators help you know the power status so you can plug it in for charging as per your requirement and its compact body has a sleek design for good grip and premium look.

Portronics Smart Power Bank 10K POR-1011

Portronics is known for its quality computer accessories, and gadgets and this power bank is a no different story. This 10000 mAh power bank supports 18W fast-charging and has Type-C input and output ports so you can charge your smartphones (Android and iPhone), camera, iPad 2019 and other Apple products with ease. It has a textured body for easy grip and can be easily fit into the back pocket of your jeans so you can carry it around with ease. It can be fully charged in 3.5 hours using a QC adapter and weighs only 255 grams. It also supports 18-Watt quick charge via the 3.0 input/output ports and ensures safe and efficient charging for all your devices. The company also claims that the power bank can ensure zero to 50% charge in 30 minutes for several devices. The power bank has dimensions 15 x 7.3 x 1.5-cm and can protect your device from damage caused by current and voltage overload, overheating, improper insertion and other such issues.

SYSKA Power GAIN 100

If you are looking for a compact and sleek power bank that is easy to carry around, then this model from SYSKA should not disappoint you. It weighs just 200 grams, making it a practically pocket-friendly gadget. Moreover, you need not compromise on the capacity of the battery, as it has a 10000mAh brick under the hood. Thanks to the type-C input port, you can charge this device faster than usual. This also makes it compatible with modern-day cables that are slowly becoming universal. Finally, it prevents current and voltage overflow in order to safeguard the device connected to it as well as the powerbank itself. 

Alakazam PB-XN 10

The Alakazam PB-XN 10 uses the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology to charge itself 4 times faster than regular power banks. As a result, you can use the type-c input port to quickly charge the 10000mAh battery, making the powerbank ideal for regular travellers. It has a compact body that weighs a shade under 200 grams, making it easy to carry around whenever necessary. It has a LED battery level indicator to give you a clear idea about when to charge the device and when not to. Lastly, the power bank relies on the AiPower technology to keep the battery performance as healthy as possible to prolong the life of the device. 

Portronics Power Brick 10

Here is a compact 10000mAh compact power bank from Portronics that has dual input sources, such as type-C and micro USB ports. As a result, you can use any charging cable you have to charge the device. Since both the ports support fast-charging, you will be able to quickly charge the device. Moreover, it has two output ports, enabling you to charge two gadgets at the same time. Also, the power bank has a BIS certification for its 5-layer protection system that keeps the powerbank and the devices connected to it safe during an unexpected event of electric surges. Thanks to the sleek and lightweight body (235 grams), this is an easily portable device. 

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