Top UPS for home computer systems on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 18 May 2021 17:19 IST
Top UPS for home computer systems on Amazon India
Top UPS for home computer systems on Amazon India

A UPS for your home computer system is a critical device in areas with frequent power cuts. Without it, you can lose your unsaved files, or worse, end up with corrupted files. When you’re working from home, especially on a desktop, you need a reliable power backup. With a UPS in your home, you can keep your PC running long enough to finish your work or for enough time to shut down safely. Here are a few options available on Amazon that offer the right balance of powerful specifications and useful features for your requirements.

APC 1200VA Line Interactive UPS

With a weight of 8.5kg, the APC 1200VA Line Interactive UPS can be placed on computer tables without any worry of damage. A battery recharge time of six hours allows you to charge it overnight for reliable power backup for your computer the next day. The convenient LED indicators on the design convey its power usage status as well as Replace Battery and Overload alerts. It comes with a 1.2m power cable that gives you the flexibility to place it optimally in your PC build. The model promises a low transfer time of 6ms and a maximum transfer time of 10ms, ensuring that your PC will switch seamlessly to backup power in the event of a power cut.

ikarus MICROTEK Legend UPS 650

With features like Overload, Discharge and Overcharge Protection, the Microtek Legend UPS 650 aims for reliable power backup that is free from failure. This is enhanced by its Boost and Buck AVR technology which stabilises the voltage for your devices. Additionally, its wide voltage range of 140V to 300V keeps it safe from voltage fluctuations. The model’s cold start capability allows you to use its power backup from a switched off condition even when the mains supply is not available. It can charge even when it is switched off, ensuring the availability of its power backup whenever you need it the most.

FSP Line-Interactive 600VA UPS

The compact design of the FSP Line-Interactive 600VA UPS makes it suitable for most PC builds. A lightweight 4.25kg build adds to its portability for when it needs to be moved around. The UPS promises a four hour charging time to ensure round-the-clock availability. With a noise level lower than 40dB, the FSP UPS aims for a very silent operation. Its low transfer time range of 2-6ms ensures a seamless transition to backup power. If it runs out of charge during a power cut, it can automatically switch on when the AC power recovers. Additionally, features like off-mode charging and cold start functionality make it highly reliable.

NUMERIC Digital 600 EX V UPS

Generator compatibility on the Numeric Digital 600 EX V UPS allows you to use it on a generator-powered connection without any problems. The model has a fanless design and high-frequency components, ensuring a silent operation. It promises quick charging performance for reliable availability. The design uses a UL standard flame retardant cabinet for additional safety against fire damage. With an auto-restart functionality, it can start automatically once the power supply returns after a power cut. The battery mode startup functionality makes it a useful device to have during long term interruptions in the power supply. The model features no-load protection, which optimises battery health.

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