Stylish mouse pads for gamers on Amazon India

By Shashank Yadav | Published 25 Jan 2021 19:00 IST
Stylish mouse pads for gamers on Amazon India
Stylish mouse pads for gamers on Amazon India

As a gamer, you want everything that improves your gaming sessions and experience. Right from having a suitable device to play on, you need to keep in mind all the other accessories. A mouse pad should be functional, as well as stylish. Here are some stylish mouse pads you can consider.

Redgear MP35 Control-Type Gaming Mousepad

When you look for a product that enhances your gaming experience, we all want the best. If you are looking for a new gaming pad, then look no further because Redgear MP35 Control-Type Gaming Mousepad is a product that will end your search. This is a minimal-control type mat for your mouse crafted with precision. This pad is created using a technology that ensures maximum precision when it comes to in-game control sensitivity. The pad comes with a sensor reactive coating that improves mouse-light reflection resulting in faster and better consistency in data transfer.

Golden Feather Anti Skid Marvel Avengers Super Heroes Designer Gaming Mousepad

When choosing a gaming mouse pad, remember it must tick a few boxes to deliver good results. No one likes to have a product that keeps lagging and takes time in communicating your command. A good option for you is the Golden feather anti-skid Marvel Avengers’ gaming mouse pad. It is soft, non-slippery, apt for rough use and capable of giving your relentless long gaming sessions. It also comes with an antimicrobial surface that keeps stains and odour away from your table. The silky material used on the surface will make gliding your mouse over it feel like no effort at all. 

Cosmic Byte Dwarf Control Type Gaming Mousepad

A good mouse pad for your gaming sessions has become a must. But what’s equally important now is that it should sync with your laptop or desktop and be trendy. When your friends come over for some gaming sessions, your mouse pad sits centre stage. If you are looking for an eye-catching product, then look no further. Cosmic Byte Dwarf Control type gaming mousepad is one of the best and hot-selling products in the market. It is made of silky material that gives it a smooth finish and has a rugged and non-slip base. You can choose your size and gaming style by buying the right variant. The tracking options are Speed and Control, so select accordingly. For example, if you use higher dpi settings and need more precision when moving a lot, a control pad (rougher pad) will be better. For games or play styles that have very short and quick movements and when playing for long, long hours, a speed pad (smoother) will reduce the friction between the mouse and pad. 

RiaTech Gaming Mouse Pad

This is a beautiful product for laptop/computer with Stitched Embroidery Edges and Water Resistance Coating Natural Rubber. It has a non-slippery rubber base that makes it a sturdy product to use. RiaTech gaming mouse pad has stitched edges, super smooth layers and much more. The precisely cut dimensions of the pad won’t irritate you a bit instead comfort your palm edges during never-ending gaming sessions.

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