Small and compact mini PCs on Amazon India

By Arpita mathur | Published 23 Oct 2020 17:00 IST
Small and compact mini PCs on Amazon India
Small and compact mini PCs on Amazon India

Small and compact mini PCs are packed with features and performance of a full-size desktop computer in a paperback book size. Barring high-end gaming, these PCs are fast and efficient enough to perform many tasks. They come with all the ports required to connect with multiple monitors, mouse, and keyboard. They are light and easy to carry and rich in features.  To meet the high demand, there is a fantastic range of mini PCs available in the market. Here are some options that are available on Amazon.  

HP Mini High-performance Compact 5Inch CPU

The HP Mini High-Performance PC comes in an impressive contoured, small, and mountable style. It is very compact and can fit anywhere with ease.  The powerful Intel i7 processor allows for multitasking and enhanced work efficiency. Thanks to its 8GB of RAM, you can easily run multiple applications at the same time without compromising on speed. The easy to setup features like remote management, make it easier to configure HP minibox as a kiosk, virtual desktop, and more. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Universal Connection, and more guarantee optimal efficiency.

Intel NUC 8th Generation NUC8i5BEH Mini PC/HTPC

The Intel NUC 8th Generation PC comes in grey sides and shiny black plastic. It has connectors on its rear side. It includes a USB Type-C port, an HDMI port, Thunderbolt 3, and an Ethernet Jack besides two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, giving great convenience to externally connect to other devices. Low power consumption and small size make it an ideal buy. It brings a blend of high-end specs and full desktop specifications. It also allows users to enjoy gaming on this mini PC. Known for its good quality hardware and high performance, it is a value for money option. It has high-speed ports. Compatible components and drivers are readily available on the Intel website. It can be set up and installed in no time.

Dell Wyse 3030 Thin Client, Mini PC

Compact and sleek, the Dell Wyse Mini PC is a powerful device that can be considered as an excellent substitute for old personal computers. Its major highlight is its low power consumption and minimal space. The device has multiple connectivity options that allow the users to add a variety of peripherals conveniently to it. Combined peripheral support, essential protocol, multimedia capabilities and more make it an excellent value for money choice. It is bundled with remarkable features that promise maximum performance. Some high graphics-intensive apps can also run on the device with the utmost efficiency, giving a unique overall graphic experience.

GIGABYTE Mini PC BRIX GB-BLPD-5005 Ultra Compact PC Kit with Intel

An amazing piece of engineering, GIGABYTE Mini PC is an ultra-compact device that comes packed with the latest features and specifications. It has a brushed aluminium surface chassis design. It is perfectly suitable for use in homes and offices for a variety of computer applications. It is a great example of simplicity and high performance. The device has set new standards for desktop miniaturisation and covers a comprehensive performance spectrum, making it perfectly suitable for multimedia/HTPC hub. Features like graphics, LAN, Audio, Wi-Fi Card, and more make it ideal for various connections. It has a headphone jack with a microphone for audio support. The device promises high performance and usage efficiency.

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