Pick a foldable mouse for enhanced portability and comfort on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 17 Oct 2020 12:43 IST
Pick a foldable mouse for enhanced portability and comfort on Amazon India
Pick a foldable mouse for enhanced portability and comfort on Amazon India

Whether it is on a desktop setup or for a laptop, everyone has their preferences for their computer mouse. As a peripheral device, it is also something that is used a lot - making comfortable use a necessity. The foldable mouse offers a good mix of portability and ease-of-use and hence has found a lot of takers ever since it arrived on the scene in the form of the now-famous "Arc" mouse. With options from multiple brands, this form factor might be just right for you if you pick a good model. Here are some promising choices available on Amazon that pack the right specifications and features.  

Microsoft FHD-00020 Arc Mouse

With a priority on portability, the Arc Mouse from Microsoft is capable of folding up to 60% of its expanded length, becoming handy when you’re on the go. It ensures a good combination of wireless freedom and reliability backed by Microsoft’s touch technology. The Bluetrack Technology on the mouse aims to offer smooth use even on a rough wood surface or carpet. It also offers good connectivity with a promise of up to 5 metres of operational range. Once you’re done using it in the curved mode, you can store the transceiver in the mouse itself and then flatten it for high portability.

TXK-1816 Foldable Mouse

The TXK-1816 foldable mouse offers an ambidextrous design, which makes it easier to use for both hands. To save power when not in use, the wireless mouse comes with an auto-sleep mode. It assures a long lifetime with high durability of up to 5 million clicks. To offer more customisation, the model allows switching between three DPI settings to get the sensitivity right. The surface of the mouse comes with a non-slip design to prevent strain on your hand and offer better grip. The mouse promises a long operational range of 10 metres in an uninterrupted environment, while it aims to deliver a 5m range even in an office setting.

Lenovo N700 Dual Mode Wireless Touch Mouse

Optimised for the office, the Lenovo N700 Mouse comes with a laser pointer, which makes it well suited for those who give presentations daily. After it connects to a screen using a nano-dongle, it can easily switch between the mouse and laser pointer functionality. It can also switch between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity seamlessly. If your business meetings need you to be on the move, this mouse can be a good companion with its compact design. Its lightweight build of 181g also adds to its portability. 

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Designed as an upgrade to the Arc Touch Mouse, Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse features numerous new benefits and features. For example, along with vertical scroll, its touch surface also allows you to scroll horizontally wherever needed. It features a simple power-on mechanism: simply switch it to a curved position to turn it on, and snap it flat to power it off and pack it into your bag. The model has been designed to be smooth to touch all over and feel comfortable in your hand. The design of the mouse follows a  minimalist aesthetic, which makes it a great addition to any work desk.


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