Gaming keyboard and mouse combos with RGB on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 19 Feb 2021 15:39 IST
Gaming keyboard and mouse combos with RGB on Amazon India
Gaming keyboard and mouse combos with RGB on Amazon India

Good peripherals play a huge role in making your gaming experience more enjoyable and engaging. But these days, you have too many choices considering the near-endless permutations of individual gaming keyboards and mice you can opt for. Fret not, for a simpler solution is here — keyboard and mice combos. Such Gaming Combos make it easy to choose the right peripherals and offer two distinct advantages – first, they are usually a matched set and hence look great together; and second, you save some money by purchasing them as a package. Here are some cool RGB gaming combos available right here on Amazon, which were selected on the basis of their specs and components.

Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo

If you want to make your gaming experience exciting, Redgear Manta MT21 combo is for you. This gaming keyboard and gaming mouse combo packs a punch with its unique features. The keyboard is fitted with three blazing LED colour backlights. The mouse is ergonomically designed to fit into your palms comfortably. The mouse gets illuminated with LED light while playing the game, adding excitement to your gaming experience. The keyboard is made of aluminium, giving it a metallic feel. The keyboard keys light up with orange lights so that you don’t miss any moves while playing the game. Floating keycaps are attached to the keys for a mechanical feel.

ZEBRONICS Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard & USB Mouse Combo

Zebronics is a well-known brand in computer accessories. True to their brand name, the gaming multimedia keyboard and mouse come with several features to keep the gamers glued to the games. The keyboard is fitted with a multicolour LED. The LED has four modes – three light modes and one off mode. All keys on the keyboard have been provided with disable and enable functions. The 2-steps design of the keyboard allows your fingers to move on the keys without any stress. Laser keycaps, aluminium body, backlight LED on/off function, braided cable, and high-quality USB connector are other keyboard features. The mouse has been ergonomically designed so that gamers don’t feel fatigued even after long hours of play. It has six buttons and high sensitivity with up to 3200DPI.  

HP KM300F Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Who doesn’t know about the brand HP? They have been in the computer and accessories business for decades. Their gaming keyboard and mouse combo stand out from others due to the stylish and elegant design. The keyboard has an integrated metal panel, which is both rust-proof and scratch-proof. The whole gear flashes when DPI is adjusted; while the dual-mode DPI button enables you to switch between office and game mode. The mouse has been elegantly designed to produce less stress on the palm and fingers. The whole set is compatible with all the Windows and MAC operating systems. If you are looking for a classic gaming keyboard and mouse, the HP KM300F is for you. 

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Cosmic Byte’s gaming keyboard and mouse are one of the most eye-catching accessories in the market. They are ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the needs of a gamer on a budget. The keyboard keys are backlit with soothing LED lights in three distinctive colours. The keys are provided with a high-quality membrane, 19 feature keys, and anti-ghost shortcuts for quick and easy access. The mouse is designed to fit into the palms comfortably. It has four DPI transmissions for sensitivity, with a range of up to 2400 DPI.

Cosmic Byte Mechanical Keyboard + Equinox Alpha Mouse

This keyboard and mouse combo from Cosmic Byte ticks all the right boxes. It’s a good mechanical keyboard with backlighting, a well-shaped mouse with an accurate sensor and is available at a price point that isn’t too heavy on the wallet. The ‘Neon’ Gaming Keyboard features svelte aluminium construction and a braided USB cable  — both help enhances durability. The 104 key layouts with Blue Mechanical switches paired with anti-fading double-shot keycaps offers tactile and auditory feedback on every keypress, ensuring you never miss a keystroke without ever having to look down at your keyboard. The Equinox Alpha mouse in the bundle is equipped with the well known PIXART PMW3325 sensor paired with Omron micro switches to offer a reasonably accurate tracking package in an ergonomic shape. The mouse also has seven configurable buttons that can be used to bind certain actions in your favourite games.

Cooler Master MS110 Combo Bundle

The Cooler Master MS110 combo bundle provides you with high-quality peripherals with a cartload of RGB swag thrown in. The keyboard features a sleek body with raised floating keycaps that look classy and allow the six-zone RGB lighting to shine through with full effect. The ‘mem-chanical’ switches offer the best of both worlds — the feeling of a mechanical switch with the silence of a membrane keyboard, letting you enjoy your game at night without disturbing anyone. The mouse in the bundle looks every bit as good as the keyboard with three-zone RGB for you to customise to your liking. There is a DPI switch present on the mouse to quickly switch between the four preset levels and two extra buttons that can be customised. If you need your setup’s aesthetic to be on point and enjoy the feel of premium hardware, the Cooler Master MS110 combo is a great choice. 

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