Find the ideal laptop mouse for office use on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 01 Dec 2020 17:15 IST
Find the ideal laptop mouse for office use on Amazon India
Find the ideal laptop mouse for office use on Amazon India

Wireless mice are a dime a dozen in the market right now. For those who want to stay productive in the office, having a good wireless mouse is key. It helps you carry on with your work without worrying about the mouse dying on you or behaving erratically. For this, you will need a simple, hassle-free mouse which gives you all the functionality you need. These mice need to be compact, compatible with a range of Windows and Apple laptops and easy to use. So, if you’re looking for the next ideal laptop mouse for typical office usage, involving accurate pointer precision and long life, check out these mice which are available on Amazon.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M190

Here is a compact wireless mouse from Logitech which is not only compatible with Windows PCs, but also with Apple MacBooks, Chromebooks and systems running on Linux based operating systems. No matter what your workflow is, this mouse is a good fit. The small dongle, along with the mouse, has a long-range and offers lag-free input. Apart from that, the two main left and right-click buttons come with contours on them, while the textured grip on the sides makes it feel comfortable in hand even during long and hectic work sessions. The company claims that the mouse has a battery life of over a year.

Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse

Lenovo 300 wireless is a compact, hassle-free mouse with the best of basic functionality. It comes with only the necessary buttons, but where it shines is in its feet. The mouse comes with smooth feet for optimal tracking, which comes handy when looking at large data sheets and going through pages upon pages of important reports. The mouse has a stealthy look to it, which doesn’t get in the way of your workflow. The handy receiver can be plugged into your system and has a reception range of up to 10m. Apart from that, the mouse also supports DPI sensitivity up to 1,000.

Dell Mobile Wireless Mouse MS3320W

This option from Dell comes in a sleek and stylish silver finish, which will sit well in your workstation. Not only can the mouse be connected to a system using the USB-A dongle, but it also uses Bluetooth for truly wireless operation. The textured scroll wheel on this mouse is ergonomic and provides optimal scrolling. The buttons on this mouse are programmable, and so is the DPI. You can change DPI on the fly up to 3200. There are two added shortcut buttons, which can be programmed to do different things in different applications, thereby increasing your productivity – no matter what apps you use.

Acer Wireless Optical Mouse RF2.4

The Acer RF2.4 is a compact wireless mouse with an ergonomic shape to fit the contours of your hands best. The clean black look of the mouse makes it fit well within your workspace, no matter what kind of set-up you have. If you have a big monitor, then the customisable DPI levels on the mouse will be of extra help to you in freely moving your pointer across your display.  The mouse uses an optical sensor, which is more than enough for office work and using the mouse with a laptop. Overall, the mouse is a good pick for those who need to use their mouse extensively in the office environment.

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