Displayport to DVI input adapters on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 18 Mar 2021 20:05 IST
Displayport to DVI input adapters on Amazon India
Displayport to DVI input adapters on Amazon India

Connecting to a display can sometimes be hard or even impossible when the ports on the input or output source are different. Displays are now coming equipped with display ports while a lot of devices still use DVI connections to get connected. In such cases, one looks for different adapters to get the work done. These adapters can be lifesavers as they can make things work without requiring customers to pay a bomb. So, we have curated a list of display port to DVI input adapters that you can buy on Amazon. These have been curated based on their listed features.

AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

The AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DVI Adapter can connect a display port equipped computer or graphics card to a monitor or projector with a DVI input. The adapter here converts signals from display ports to DVI and it supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200p. It has gold-plated and corrosion-resistant connectors for optimal performance and long-lasting durability. The adapter has latching and screw-locking DVI inputs, which keep the connector cable in place. The adapter makes it possible to quickly connect and configure a secondary monitor in case you want to extend a desktop or create a mirrored display.

Dell DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter 470-AANH

If you are looking for a budget-friendly DisplayPort to DVI input adapter, then this model from Dell should do you justice. With this adapter at your disposal, you can now watch content on big screens like an HD TV, big CRT LCD monitors and projectors. The display port has two screws on the top, which should give a tight and secure fit. This should ideally give you a loss-less connection with respect to signal transmission. The input port has a release button on top, which needs to be pressed when you need to connect it to the source device. 

Dell DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link Adapter DP/N: 0KKMYD

The Dell DisplayPort to DVI Single-Link Adapter converts display port to DVI (Single-Link). It allows users to view video content from any laptop or desktop with a display port video output on a variety of DVI (Single-Link) compliant displays, ranging from monitors to projectors. The adapter is compliant with DisplayPort version 1.1a and supports a maximum video resolution of 1920×1200. As long as the device is equipped with a DP output, this compact adapter ensures a seamless conversion. It can be used to watch movies, expand your workstation or even for presentation purposes. Due to the compact size, the adapter offers easy portability.

Mircroware DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter

This DisplayPort to DVI cable adapter from Microware enables you to connect your laptops or computer systems to big display monitors, HD TVs and projectors. It can support 1080p video resolution, enabling you to enjoy video content in good quality. This cable also supports 12bit per channel deep colour to enjoy rich and accurate colour renditions in the final output, as per company claims. With this adapter in hand, you should be able to connect your latest PC monitors and laptops to the previously installed DVI devices at your place, be it a school, conference room or corporate training institutions. 

Cablelera DisplayPort to DVI Cable ZPK019SI-02

Here is a premium DisplayPort to DVI input adapter from Cablelera that has gold-plated ports on both ends, which should ideally deliver a better wireless transmission without the loss of any signals than otherwise.  The display port latches on to the DVI male output, and you can expect a durable and reliable connection, enabling you to watch videos in good quality on big screens like an HD TV and projectors. You can configure it with your computer system and other displays to mirror the content playing on your laptop or a small monitor. Another user-friendly feature of this adapter cable is its long length. It is 15ft long, which should enable you to connect the source monitor to a far-off output device as well. 

Startech DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter

The Startech DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter has latches on both ports to keep the connection intact. Also, it has buttons on top of both ports that need to be pressed to release the latches and give you the ideal fit. This should ensure a secure fit and prevent video interruptions due to a possible loss of signals. This adapter supports HD video format, enabling you to watch content in 1920x1080p resolution. You should be able to enjoy visuals with bright and vivid colours on big TVs or projectors with this adapter. One thing to note here is that this adapter has a short cable, which means you can only use it when both the input and output devices are in close proximity. 

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