Desk mat mouse pads for your workstation on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 13 Jan 2022 16:48 IST
Desk mat mouse pads for your workstation on Amazon India
Desk mat mouse pads for your workstation on Amazon India

Your productivity greatly depends upon the condition of your workstation. As long as your workstation is cluttered, you won’t be able to focus and sit for long hours at a time. In contrast, an organised workstation is directly related to higher productivity and efficiency. According to a Workplace Organization Survey by Brother, 41% of the people believe that a tidy workspace is a key to enhancing productivity, hence, verifying the claim. If you are looking to tidy up your workstation, you must look at extended desk mats. These desk mats can be used to accommodate your mouse, iPad, smartphone, and more, making sure you can organise anything and everything on your desk. If you are on the lookout for such mats, make sure to finalise only those with an anti-skid base and a large size. Here are a few good options of desk mats on Amazon that would go well with your workstation.       

Tizum Extended Desk Mat   

The Tizum Extended Desk Mat is made of durable and soft PU leather. Hence, it can protect your desk from scratches and stains while adding a good pop of colour to your workstation! Being completely waterproof, you won’t have to break a sweat in maintaining it. Simply rub a cloth through it, and that’s all! Offering a different colour on each side, you can flip it to change its aesthetics. Featuring a premium-textured and smooth surface, the Tizum Extended Desk Mat ensures free movement and accurate positioning. Plus, as it can be rolled and strapped, it can be carried easily from one place to another. Equipped with the latest anti-fraying edge stitching, this mouse pad does not peel off even after long-time use. Apart from these specs, it also comprises a lightweight design, an anti-slip base, and a large size.

Scarters Mouse Pad  

The Scarters Mouse Pad is extended and can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, mouse, notebook, coffee cup, and even stationery. This translates to an organised workstation! With a comfortable resting surface, this mousepad is ideal for typing, writing, sketching, or gaming. Moreover, it is also friendly for mechanical and optical mouse movement. Offering a tough build and an anti-skid base, the Scarters Mouse Pad makes sure that you have a stable platform to work upon. Since it is also splash-proof, it is easy to clean and sanitise. One of the best features of this mousepad is its reverse design - on one side, it has an aesthetic yellow colour, while on the other side, it has a pleasant blue colour. In addition to these features, it also boasts premium vegan PU leather.   

DailyObjects Desk Mat    

The DailyObjects Desk Mat helps organise and protect your desk essentials, thanks to its large size of 5 x 630 x 280 millimetres. Coming furnished with a reversible design, you can flip the mat in either direction for a new colour (blue and brown). As it is resistant to water, you can use a cloth to clean it without any hassle. It also has a smooth finish that helps in preventing fraying, giving way to seamless mouse gliding. Moreover, it is heat-resistant, enabling you to use it for longer hours. Some of its other remarkable specifications are that it is made of vegan leather!

SNDIA Mouse Pad   

The SNDIA Mouse Pad is available in an extended size of 900mm x 400mm x 2mm, making it large enough to fit every desk item (mouse, keyboard, and other devices). Equipped with a premium-textured surface, the mousepad ensures that you can move your mouse with accurate positioning. Plus, as it comes with a leather strap, it can be rolled up easily and be carried along, making it travel-friendly. This desk pad protects your desktop from spilt water, drinks, and ink, owing to its water-resistant and durable PU leather surface. A few other unique features of the SNDIA Mouse Pad are a dual-colour design and durable construction.    

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