Curved LED monitors for stress free computing on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 12 Jan 2021 17:15 IST
Curved LED monitors for stress free computing on Amazon India
Curved LED monitors for stress free computing on Amazon India

There was a time when CRT and LCD monitors were a regular thing, but it has transformed now with the entry of curved monitors. Flat monitors do not allure customers anymore as curved ones provide various benefits and enjoyable experience to the viewer. The science behind the popularity of curved screens is the viewing area and the immersive experience it offers. It takes more effort to work on a flat-screen monitor than on a curved one; a curved screen directs light from all the directions and focuses it towards the viewer's eye, along with a decrease in eye exertion. 

Samsung 59.8 cm (23.5") Curved Monitor with Curvature 1800R

Samsung 59.8 cm (23.5") Curved Monitor is one of the most-curved monitors with 1800r. It is ideal for regular users and gamers. It is equipped with AMD FreeSync, which makes sure your images don't distort. It has got an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time. Only 0.5 inches thick, it is one of the slimmest monitors. It also comes with backlighting which helps to see at night without causing much strain to the eyes.

Acer 31.5-inch (80.01 cm) ED322Q

This Acer curved monitor has a 31.5-inch curved panel. It is equipped with stereo speakers for an enjoyable audiovisual experience. This screen comes with a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, which provides the sharpest picture and a broad view of the same. The curved edges are perfect for gaming, work or to watch your favourite TV shows. One of the special features of this monitor is its aluminium base that helps in cable/cords management and a cleaner look. For a comfortable gaming experience and to avoid strain due to flicker, it is fitted with flicker-less as well as Blue-light Filtering technology.

AOC C24V1H/WS 23.6"

This curved monitor is among the widely used. It comes with 1500R, one of the deepest curve available in the market, which makes the viewing experience great. With colours like white available, it provides an alluring view of the curved screen. Not only the looks, but the performance is also admirable. Its frameless panel design and flicker-free technology take care of the viewer's eyes. This curved screen also has an IPS panel with a 178 degree viewing angle, horizontally and vertically.

Samsung C34H890WJN

The Samsung C34H890WJN has a 34-inch curved screen with a 3440 x 1440 resolution. If you’re a gamer who also needs a monitor for professional use, then you’ll be happy to note that this monitor is equipped with the dual-screen function that allows you to connect it to two different devices. Samsung’s Picture-by-Picture feature is claimed to ensure that the image quality remains good even while you’re doing so. Additionally, you can also resize the image to fit into 25% of the screen so that you can view the content from both devices easily.

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