Cherry MX blue mechanical gaming keyboards for the versatile gamer on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published 18 Mar 2021 16:39 IST
Cherry MX blue mechanical gaming keyboards for the versatile gamer on Amazon India
Cherry MX blue mechanical gaming keyboards for the versatile gamer on Amazon India

One thing that irks gamers the most is when they press a key on the keyboard but it fails to respond as per the expectation. This usually happens while playing fast action-packed games with multiple functional keys that need to be pressed at one time. To avoid such issues, you should get a gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches/keys that have anti-ghosting and efficient rollover features to get the exact response you hope to achieve. Apart from this, you should also check if the keyboards are well lit-up or not, which is crucial for gaming in low light conditions. Here are four keyboards with Cherry MX keys that you can buy on Amazon.

HyperX Alloy Origins HX-KB6BLX-US

If you are looking for a compact Cherry MX Blue mechanical gaming keyboard, this model from HyperX should do you justice. It has dimensions of 44.2 x 13.21 x 3.81-cms and weighs just over one kilogram, making it ideal for users with a small gaming station. The reason behind the keyboard’s low weight is the aircraft-grade aluminium used to make it. This also helps in improving the use-life of the keyboard. It uses the HyperX NGENUINITY software to customise each of the keys with RGB colours and add layer dazzling lighting effects, as per your preference. When you turn on the Game Mode, you can enjoy the efficiency of 100% anti-ghosting keys and N-key rollover functionalities as per company claims, which should improve your gaming experience.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

Here is a professional gaming keyboard from Corsair that sports dedicated multimedia keys, which should enhance your gaming experience. Now you can easily control the settings like volume, refresh rate, streaming services and more. Additionally, it has six fully-programmable macro keys, enabling you to assign special tasks to these keys that will aid your gaming proficiency. This Cherry MX Blue mechanical gaming keyboard supports per-key RGB light customisation and a 19-zone LightEdge across the top of the keyboard, which gives you innumerable lighting options. Also, the efficient build quality of the keys should deliver a reliable performance, which is required when the action flares up during intense gaming sprees. Finally, it has a detachable soft cushioned leatherette palm rest that should make it comfortable for you to use the keyboard for long hours.

Thermaltake Level 20 KB-Lvt-Blsrus-01

This mechanical gaming keyboard from Thermaltake has a rare feature of inbuilt Alexa, which enables you to control the settings with voice commands. You need to use the exclusive app on your smartphone/tablet to give voice commands, and you will be able to change the settings of RGB light, controller and other macro settings. Thanks to the Cherry MX Blue mechanical keys used in this gaming keyboard, you should be able to indulge in intense gaming sessions without having to worry about the keys getting damaged or not responding in the right manner. The easy-to-use TT RGB Plus software enables you to customise the colour of each key in accordance with your preference so as to improve your gaming experience. Moreover, you can use the Razer Chroma Ecosystem Synchronization with this software to sync the RGB colours of your complete gaming station, be it of the mouse, PC cabinet or keyboard. 

XPG Summoner

The XPG Summoner is a gaming keyboard that sports Cherry MX Blue mechanical keys that deliver a 100% anti-ghosting performance, making it ideal for a versatile gamer, as per company claims. Also, it has dedicated multimedia and hotkeys, which should make your life easier during long gaming sprees. The keyboard has 9 red keys to highlight the most-widely used keys by gamers - W, A, S, D, Up, Down, Right, Left and Menu. Another impressive feature of this keyboard is that it comes with a soft detachable armrest, which should come in handy while indulging in long gaming sessions. You can choose between the 7 different lighting modes to suit the kind of games you play in. Finally, it has a USB port at the top, enabling you to connect the keyboard to your console easily. 

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