Cable organisers to keep your desk neat and tidy on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published 20 Feb 2021 14:18 IST
Cable organisers to keep your desk neat and tidy on Amazon India
Cable organisers to keep your desk neat and tidy on Amazon India

Anyone who has a PC or a home theatre setup has to deal with one very important issue – cable management. Sure, you could hide it all behind the CPU or your amplifier but that doesn't change the fact that when you need to change a cable or remove one, it becomes a nightmare because the cables aren't organized. Not to mention the hassle one has to go through when cleaning. Cable management has been an issue for many and most just tie cables together hoping they don't have to deal with the mess ever again. There are however more elegant solutions to this problem. Some solutions not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also some creative solutions based on your setup. Some of these products are also reusable making it easy to repurpose them when upgrading, changing or cleaning your setup to improve cable management. If you are looking for an elegant cable management solution, here are some options available on Amazon.

Gizga Essentials Reusable Cable Ties Strap with Double Sided Hook

Simply put these are velcro straps one can use to tie up their cables neatly. They are reusable and claim to not loosen grip strength for holding cables in place when fastened. Double-sided hook & loop tape means that you can hook the cable on one side and loop on the other side for a seamless fit. Users can also cut the tie to the length they want to ensure minimum wastage. This is a convenient solution if you are one that has cables of different width and don't want a one-size solution. Since you can cut the tie, you can use it at multiple points to ensure there is no place where the cables are loose. 

Tidy Up! Wire Bin

Have you ever wanted to literally dump your cables or attached adapters in a box and forget about them? Well, this might just be the solution for you. The box is 33x12x12.5cm and an ideal solution for you to hide large power bricks or even a multiplug setup. It is available in three colours - white, black and brown. Since the power brick or adapter is enclosed in the box, you can keep the area looking neat and organized. You could also place your smart speaker or a remote control on top of the box maximizing the utilization of space. Since it has a cutout on both sides, it is easy to loop your cables through this box without having ugly power procks or adapters or spike guards visible. 

ORICO Wire Cable Tie

If a colourful solution is what you are looking for then you can check out the ORICO Wire Cable Tie. These cables claim to be flexible, strong and durable, made from soft and eco-friendly silicone. With their adjustable design you can have a thick bunch of cables to a slim bunch of cables tied without any hassle. The pack of 5 comes in black, pink, white, purple and blue. This lets you easily colour code the cables for easy access. They can easily be reused as well.

P-Plus International Wire Clips Cable Protector

If you have cables like an ethernet cable, charging cable and more that needs to be removed and reinserted in a device, then you should check out the P-Plus international wire clips cable protector. In the packet, you get 10pcs in 5 different slot designs for various needs. In the box you get one slot – 2pcs, double slots – 4pcs, triple slots – 2pcs, and five slots – 2pcs. You may want to plan ahead while using these as they come with an acrylic adhesive pad to stick in place when placed. They are an ideal solution if a cable needs to fall behind a table and needs to be easily accessible. These cable pads can be stuck on any smooth dry surface such as a table, glass, ceramic tile, marble and others. It cannot, however, be used on a frosted or uneven surface.

ELV Direct Cable Organiser Manager Cord Management System Sleeve

The best designs are often the simplest ones too. The ELV Direct Cable Organiser is a simple neoprene sleeve that has the capability of getting rid of all your cord management woes once and for all. The sleeve wraps around the bunch of cords, and the neoprene band keeps the wires from breaking open. The sleeve also contains simple slits all across its length in case you want to extract certain cords before the outlet. The ELV Direct Cable Organiser is especially ideal for your TV system or desktop computer.

ORICO 7 Channel Desk Cable Clips Cable Management Cord Organizer

When using a laptop, you are often inundated with wire. From charging wires to USB cables, these cords completely nullify the mobility advantage of owning a laptop computer. The wires often get tangled with each other, causing further inconvenience. A simple solution to these problems is the ORICO 7 Cord Organizer. It features a simple design with slots for seven different cords that remain in place. The other side of the ORICO 7 Cord Organizer can be stuck to any table surface. The cord organiser also comes in different colours.

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