Braided 1m USB Type-C Charging Cables on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published 25 Feb 2021 14:08 IST
Braided 1m USB Type-C Charging Cables on Amazon India
Braided 1m USB Type-C Charging Cables on Amazon India

Smartphones, tablets, headphones, power banks and every other device that one would carry on their person have adopted the USB Type-C standard. Type-C isn’t just about the small connector but the cable could very well be active. By that, we mean that the cables have the provision to include an IC (Integrated Circuit) which allows the cable to interface with multiple types of devices and handle different power levels of the signal. And with a cable that’s this diverse in function, you can easily do away with carrying multiple cables since one good Type-C cable can easily tackle all your needs. In this list, we’re focusing on durability and the following USB Type-C cables have good build quality and should last you for a long duration. 

Mi Braided USB Type-C Cable

The Mi USB Type-C Cable sports a black aesthetic and is a USB Type-C to Type-A cable. That means you have a normal rectangular USB Type-A connector on one end and a Type-C connector on the other. The joints of the connector have been toughened with additional plastic that covers quite a bit of length. The cable has a high-strength braided layer on the outside followed by a PTE layer on the inside. Under the PTE layer lies a copper-plated zinc layer and there’s another aluminium layer underneath that. This is followed by a Kevlar sheath which holds all the signal wires together. Needless to say, this cable is quite durable. The cable is 1 meter long and supports fast-charging up to 3A.

boAt A 350 Type C Cable 1.5 m (Black)

USB C is fast becoming the default charger for most phones and tablets these days, which makes it imperative to have a few extra around the house. This cord from boAt has a braided cotton exterior that should help the cable remain flexible whilst still providing significant protection against yanks, being stepped on, or someone tripping over it. All of the things that happen in households across the globe on a daily basis. This cable supports fast charging (3 amperes), can withstand 10,000+ bends across its lifespan, and the fact that it is 5 feet (1.5 m) long means that you don’t have to be sitting awkwardly near a plug point when using your phone while it charges. 

Wayona USB Type C Cable

This Type C Cable from Wayona comes with features like Data Sync and fast charging (3A). It’s 1 metre long, which is just under 3.5 feet. Not everyone needs a long, snaking cable, which makes it a trip hazard. A long cable also means there is more of the cable exposed to pulls, bends and worse. While a short cable will mean that you cannot sit too far from the charging source, it also is perfect for those who hate cable clutter and just want a simple cable to charge their device, at the side of their bed, for example. This cable promises to be very durable (20,000+ bends), and is made of a premium-quality, nylon-braided material. 

Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon USB Type-C Cable

If one layer of braiding isn’t enough for your needs then the Amazon Basics Double Braided USB Type-C cable might just be the thing that you were looking for. These cables have been tested to bend 95-degrees up to 2,000 times so you know they’re quite durable. It supports up to 3A of power output for devices that feature fast charging and supports data transmission speeds going up to 5 Gbps. This makes the Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon Type-C cable quite versatile in functionality.

Dyazo 3.0 Ampere 6 ft Nylon-Braided Cable

While some prefer short cables, some want 1.5 metre cables, and some want a cable that’s even longer! It all depends on your use case, and how far away your seating is from your plug point, we assume. Well, the Dyazo, 3.0 Ampere cable, is all of six feet long, which is very likely to be taller than you! It is made up of high-density, premium quality nylon braiding that enhances its strength and durability. Like most cables, it doubles as a charging and data cable, so you can use it to connect to a computer to transfer files. 

Flybot Tor Rugged Polyester Braided Cable

This braided cable is made up of a high-quality, polyester material. It promises to be rugged, unbreakable, and long-lasting, all of the things you want cables to be. It is 1.5 meters long which is perfect for using it to charge devices in the back seat of the car when the charger is in the front. It’s also perfect for both home and office use. Thanks to the material it is tangle-free, which means you won’t be pulling your hair out when you fish it out of your bag. It’s available in blackand grey, and black and blue colour options, which are pretty neutral colours that everyone should be happy with. 

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