Best wired mice for laptops on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 20 Apr 2021 16:47 IST
Best wired mice for laptops on Amazon India
Best wired mice for laptops on Amazon India

If you are planning to upgrade your computer or work setup to a laptop, then you ought to invest in a decent mouse as it not only helps in getting things done faster but can also save you from wrist sprains and aches due to working uncomfortably for long durations. So read on to know more about some of the best mice for laptops that you can find on Amazon. 

HP X1000 Wired Mouse 

HP has become a trusted name for buying durable and feature-packed laptops and accessories,  and the HP X1000 wired mouse is a case in point. It has a 3-button design consisting of two clickable buttons and a scroll wheel for enhanced productivity and easy tracking. HP claims that the mouse’s optical sensor can function well on most surfaces, so you can enjoy smooth tracking and cursor movements while working. The mouse does not only provide quality functions but also ups the style quotient of your workspace or setup, thanks to the sleek design and glossy black and metallic grey shine. Last but not least, it can be easily connected through a USB cable, so you don’t have to waste any time setting it up. 

Lenovo 300 Wired Plug & Play USB Mouse

Another quality corded mouse that can help you be more productive and get more things done in a shorter duration is the Lenovo 300 Wired Plug and  Play USB Mouse. While it is the perfect companion of the Lenovo 300 keyboard, you can also use it with other keyboards as it is compatible with a variety of them. It sports a sleek, streamlined, and waterproof design, which makes it a great addition to your workspace. This ergonomic mouse offers excellent grip, so you can comfortably work with it for long durations. With a resolution of 1,600 dpi, the optical sensor makes sure you can smoothly move your cursor between tabs, tasks, and windows without any lag or inaccuracy. Lenovo has equipped it with USB type-A connectivity so you can connect it to your laptop or CPU easily and enjoy the looks and functions of this corded mouse to the fullest! 

Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse

If you are looking for a professional-looking corded mouse with a great optical sensor, then the Dell MS116 wired optical mouse might be a great choice to invest in. The mouse sports an all-black matte look that can go well with your office and other computer setups. This 413-gram mouse has a 1.8-meter cable to allow USB connectivity to various laptops and CPUs. The optical LED tracking helps you do things accurately so you can easily navigate through on-screen projects. The fact that it is easy to set up has a sleek and professional design that helps in comfortable grip can make it a great addition to all kinds of setups without costing you much.

Logitech M90 Wired USB Mouse

Logitech has become one of the leading companies in designing and delivering computer accessories that are not only durable but also affordable. The Logitech M90 wired USB mouse can prove to be your perfect work companion, as the company has designed it while keeping user’s comfort in mind. You won’t need to spend hours installing additional software or drivers to connect this mouse to your laptop, Mac, or CPU as it features USB connectivity so you can connect and start using it right away! The 1,000 dpi optical resolution ensures a responsive experience, precise tracking, easy text selection, and smooth cursor control to enhance productivity. 

HP Wired Mouse 100 (6VY96AA)

If you want to invest in an excellent mouse that can make your work easier by providing fast and efficient tracking, HP might have something for you. We couldn’t help but mention HP again in this list as the HP wired mouse 100 is one of the best-corded mice that you can lay your hands on in this price range. With an optical resolution of 1,600 dpi, its optical sensor allows you to work without any trouble on most surfaces. HP has designed it so that left and right-handed users can use it without any discomfort. Talking more about its contoured design, this corded mouse is crafted to fit comfortably in your hand is extremely easy to set up as you only need to connect it through a USB port, and you are good to go! 

iBall Style 63 Wired USB Optical Mouse

If you are a code or gaming enthusiast but don’t want to invest in a proper gaming mouse just yet, then this wired optical mouse by iBall can prove to be a great choice for you! This plug-n-play mouse boasts of a lightweight design that can provide an enhanced grip, thanks to its unique design and anti-slip texture on the sides, which allow you a firm grip for longer durations of time. It can be used by both left and right-handed people. iBall kept users’ comfort at top priority while designing this mouse is evident from the scrolling wheels placement and design, which ensures that scrolling the same doesn’t result in a lot of finger muscle exertion, so you can code, work or play for longer hours.

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