Best UPS for your office router on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 19 May 2021 18:40 IST
Best UPS for your office router on Amazon India
Best UPS for your office router on Amazon India

Power cuts are always irritating regardless of the time. However, they can be particularly troublesome on days when you have important work to complete. For interrupted connectivity during a critical work meeting or a busy workday, a router UPS is a good upgrade for your network. Acting as a dedicated power backup for your Wi-Fi router, your router UPS will give you enough time to complete your meetings and presentations in peace. Here are some models available on Amazon that promise a great combination of features and specifications.

Oakter Mini UPS

The compact build of the Oakter Mini UPS makes it highly portable and easy to carry around. It promises zero lag switching to ensure seamless power backup for you. It features a smart charging system that keeps the battery charged as long as the power supply is enabled. For those looking to avoid the hassle of installation, the model can be prepared and ready to go in 30 seconds. The body features an aluminium build which keeps it durable. The blue highlights on its body make it aesthetically appealing. To ensure maximum compatibility with a wide range of models, it includes multiple connectors out of the box. 

Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600

With four hours of battery backup for your router, The Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 router gives you ample time to finish your work during a power cut. Additionally, even if it's not connected to your router, its numerous connector options allow you to use it as a power backup for your modem, IP camera and more. It even features a USB port, making it double up as a power bank for any supported device like your smartphone or tablet. The 6000mAh Li-ion battery in the model is capable and durable enough for all of these use cases. With a lightweight build, the ZinQ technologies ZQ-6600 can be moved around easily.

Cuzor Mini UPS

The Cuzor Mini UPS prioritises the safety and durability of the device through multiple included features. For instance, to avoid power damage, the model comes with Thermal and Overcharging protection. Its low Depth of Discharge (DoD) charging ensures a long lifespan for the battery, up to three times what is achievable through normal charging methods. Its clean and aesthetic look is achieved by using high-quality ABS material on the exterior, which also makes it more durable. The combination of its Zero Lag Switching and promised power backup of three to five hours gives you a truly uninterrupted power backup experience. 


At 200g and a thickness of 3cm, the Resonate Router UPS is built for portability and easy relocation when required. If your router is wall-mounted, the Resonate Router UPS also features a wall-mount slot for easy installation. Additionally, it also carries a CE and RoHS certification, ensuring an eco-friendly design. This process is further eased by its convenient 30 minute DIY installation process. Using specialised circuit design to improve the safety of its power backup system ensures a longer lifespan for the device. It promises a battery backup of up to four hours for your needs. 

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