Best ring lights to improve video conference quality on your PC on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 06 Jan 2022 18:40 IST
Best ring lights to improve video conference quality on your PC on Amazon India
Best ring lights to improve video conference quality on your PC on Amazon India

While there are a lot of moving components for work from home to become convenient, one major one is maintaining video quality during virtual conferences. To ensure your video quality is top-notch during online meetings, you must keep proper lighting. If you are looking for means to boost your lighting, you must take a look at ring lights. These devices can lighten up your face, making you look fresh and professional! However, only shortlist and finalise those variants that deliver stellar brightness and multiple lighting modes. Here are a few good options of ring lights on Amazon that you could use to improve your PC’s video conference quality.   

TKHIN Ring Light 

The TKHIN Ring Light comes along with 10 levels of brightness and a colour temperature range of 3200K (Warm) – 6500K (Cool). These features help ensure that you can adjust the light for optimal skin tone and texture. Powered by a USB cable, you can easily use this device by just plugging it into your laptop or PC. Featuring a sturdy clamp made of aluminium alloy, the TKHIN Ring Light ensures a steady light flow without any disturbance. Its clamp is supplemented with a cushion pad that ensures no scratches on your laptop/PC’s surface. Apart from these, its other remarkable features are a portable design, a solid spring, and a 360° universal angle.       

Tukzer 8-Inch Ring Light 

The Tukzer 8-Inch Ring Light offers three modes: white light, warm yellow, and warm white. Coupled with stellar brightness that can get adjusted to up to 10 levels, this ring light is ideal for those who are looking to boost their video quality at online conferences. The device features a 360° rotation ball head and allows you to adjust the angle, providing proper position lighting. The entire kit is made of carbon steel, metal threaded pipe, and ABS plastic, giving it a sturdy and compact build. Plus, since the lighting modes and brightness can be adjusted at the touch of a button, the Tukzer 8-Inch Ring Light delivers an optimal user experience. It also comes along with a strong clip-on, a powerful clamp, and a USB cable.     

Tukzer 3.5-Inch Ring Light 

The Tukzer 3.5-Inch Ring Light uses a 360° flexible gooseneck, allowing you to adjust the light to perfect angles conveniently. Thanks to its built-in controller, you can easily power the device on-off, increase or decrease the brightness, and even change lighting modes. Speaking of lighting modes and brightness, the Tukzer 3.5-Inch Ring Light boasts three light modes (warm, warm white, and white) and 10 levels of brightness. Its metal clamp can attach the light firmly on any surface, while its foam pad prevents scratches. The device also helps in reducing eye strain by providing flicker-free, steady, and uniform light.   

JAOXISOU Ring Light 

The JAOXISOU Ring Light measures only 6.3-inches, enabling you to carry it around without hassle. Offering three different light colours (warm, warm white, and white), with each light having 10 different brightness levels, the device is a one-stop solution for all of your lighting needs. Its stand is made of aluminium, while its clip is composed of sturdy metal, both of which ensure that the ring light radiates a uniform flow of light. In addition to these features, the JAOXISOU Ring Light also incorporates an adjustable colour temperature, a lightweight design, and a long USB cable.    

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