Best monitors for photo editing on Amazon India

By Daksh Khorana | Published 25 Nov 2020 18:59 IST
Best monitors for photo editing on Amazon India
Best monitors for photo editing on Amazon India

If you’re a photographer, then you must know how crucial photo editing is in digital photography. It certainly makes sense in investing in a good quality monitor that can display accurate colours with as many details as possible. However, finding one according to your needs and budget is a herculean task as the market is full of brands offering tons of different specs at varying prices. But don’t worry, the list given below mentions some of the best monitors for photo editing that money can buy!

BenQ PD2700Q

This monitor is the perfect example of the fact that you don't need to break the bank to get a decent QHD monitor for photo editing. The 27-inch 10-bit IPS panel has a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels which should be able to produce stunning colours. The brand claims that the monitor is made keeping the needs of photo editors in mind. The DualView function splits the screen into two windows so you can open multiple software side-by-side and make use of the big screen. BenQ has even provided a customisable stand so you can adjust the monitor’s position according to your sense of comfort. The flicker-free monitor produces low blue light which should prove to be beneficial for people who are constantly glued to their screens!

Dell U2518D

For photo editing and creative work, the Dell U2518D is one of the best monitors in its price segment. See everything in crisp detail on this 25-inch QHD (1560x1440 pixels) display. Dell claims that the HDR feature projects images with striking depth and life-like colour reproduction. This is the first monitor by Dell with InfinityEdge display, which, along with the HDR1 features should ensure that all your work is displayed in great detail with clarity. You can multitask in comfort on the Dell U2518D, thanks to its display manager and a fully adjustable stand. You can even watch a movie or play a game on this monitor because the display should be able to support the same. It has good colour consistency with a wide viewing angle of 178-degrees, which makes it a perfect addition to your workstation.  

LG 27UK650

LG has been in the display business for as long anyone can remember and this brand is known for creating good quality displays. So, it is fair to expect a good display from this monitor as well. The monitor is equipped with loads of features like AMD Freesync, Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabiliser and streaming service compatibility to enjoy all your movies and TV shows on your monitor without even turning on your PC. The 27-inch 4K UltraHD display should be capable of producing some high-quality images with real-life colour reproduction to help you edit photos or even videos in the best way possible. It has a brightness of 350nits which can reach up to 450nits if you want your screen to be really bright. Use the adjustable height stand to do your work in utmost comfort without straining your eyes.

BenQ PhotoVue SW321C

The BenQ PhotoVue SW321C is a true photographer monitor that comes with 10-bit colour depth, 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec.709 and 95% DCI-P3 colour space, that gives you more than 1 billion colour grading to choose from and ensure a nit-pick precision while editing your media content. It comes with BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology, that brings factory-calibrated colours to the users and a 16-bit 3D lookup table (LUT) that improves RGB blending resulting in impeccable colour reproduction. The uniformity technology offers screen-wide precise colour from corner to corner for consistent viewing experience. It also comes with a Palette Master Element Calibration software that adjusts the internal chip of the monitor without changing the graphics card output data. The monitor also includes Paper Color Sync software and A.R.T panel that lets the photographers display photo previews that match the final print. It is also compatible with HDR10 and HLG formats that allow photographers to preview HDR effect of the video content to ensure a desirable outcome for the final render.

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