Best budget keyboards for long typing sessions on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published 23 Feb 2021 12:19 IST
Best budget keyboards for long typing sessions on Amazon India
Best budget keyboards for long typing sessions on Amazon India

In today’s world, everything is moving online, and with that, a lot of paperwork is also going digital. As a result, people who write, work in coding fields, and design websites have to spend a lot of time typing. These long typing sessions can be not only painful but also harmful as one can develop an injury in the wrists. While typing may be part and parcel of your life, it is essential to take steps to make it a bit easier, safer and comfortable. You should, therefore, put in a lot of consideration while choosing the right keyboards for your needs. The following are a few good options that you can find on Amazon

Logitech k120

The Logitech K120 is a wired keyboard with low-profile keys, which should ensure a quiet and comfortable typing experience. The laptop has full-sized F-keys and number keys, as most users are accustomed to the standard-sized keyboard. This keyboard's thin and sleek design should keep users' hands in a relaxed and neutral position for effortless typing. It has a durable body with a spill-resistant design, which means you don't have to worry about damage. It also has improved and adjustable legs and users can increase the tilt by 8-degrees to enhance their comfort. It does not require any setup and is a plug-and-play type keyboard. It has a curved space bar which ensures that users' hands are in a natural and relaxed position, making the typing more comfortable. It has bold and bright white characters for increased visibility.

HP 100

The HP 100 keyboard sports a full complement of 109 keys, which include the 12 function keys (F1 to F12) and 3 hotkeys. It has a separate numeric pad for easy data entry and keys for increasing and decreasing volume and even for muting the audio. The top right corner also houses LED indicators for the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys. Connection to your computer/laptop is easily done via its 1.5 metre connecting cable which ends in a USB 2.0 Type-A plug. It has two collapsible back legs which allow the user to adjust its height. It is compatible with the Windows Operating System (Windows 7 upwards). Weighing a shade under half a kilogramme, this keyboard is easily carried about to whichever computer/laptop requires it.  

Dell KB216

The Dell KB216 is a wired keyboard with dedicated media control. Its convenient multimedia keys should let users easily access functions through the play, pause, rewind, fast-forward and volume control keys. It has a compact design with a full-sized keyboard, which is ideal for home and office environments. A palm or wrist rest can also be added to it if required, to further facilitate long typing sessions. The sleek and compact design is great for desktops and it can help you keep your hands in a natural position while typing for long hours. The keyboard has a USB (type-A) interface, which lets it connect to every device that has a USB input port. Additionally, it features a chiclet-style keyboard that is satisfying to use and works as a good option for those long typing sessions.

iBall Winner

Of an interestingly stylish design, somewhat reminiscent of a painter’s palette, this keyboard has all the standard keys that are expected to be there, including the function keys and a numeric keypad. It features a key for the Indian rupee symbol just under the ESC key.  The Space Bar and Enter key are larger than usual for ease of accessing these two all-important keys. The key for the letter I is red in colour, because of the brand name. There are LED indicators for the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys. You don’t need to worry if some water gets spilt on it because it is of water-resistant construction. Lastly, typing is easy with this keyboard because the keys have a soft feel to them, and the keys themselves have a life of 10 million hits.  

ProDot KB-207s

With a slightly protruding Space Bar, which reflects the fact that it is the key used with the most frequency on any keyboard, and a correspondingly intruding segment on the upper edge, this keyboard looks like it’ll deliver a mean punch. It covers a full range of 104 keys, including the function keys and the numeric keypad. The keys are soft, responsive keys which have been tested to 10 million presses. The USB connecting cable is 1.5 metres long, and the back edge has two short collapsible legs which can be used to raise the keyboard at an angle for better ergonomics. Like the iBall Winner, it too features the Indian Rupee symbol. Lastly, it is built of durable ABS thermoplastic material and is spill resistant.   

Zinq Technologies ZQ-1000

Zinq’s ZQ-1000 is a full-sized standard design keyboard with rounded corners and 104 keys, including all the standard keys expected on a computer keyboard. It too has the INR symbol key and LED indicators for the three Lock keys. The entire lower part of the keyboard is given to a 30 mm band which functions as a palm rest or wrist support for the user to counter typing fatigue. It is suitable to be used as an under-desk keyboard and has foldable stands on the back lower edge with dual hinges for height adjustment. Finally, this keyboard, too, is spill resistant, so don’t worry about either sweat or water affecting it.

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