The best ultrawide 2K monitors

By Rishabh | Published on 25 Mar 2021
The best ultrawide 2K monitors
The best ultrawide 2K monitors

Any good ultrawide monitor should help you with better productivity and workspace. Ultrawide monitors come with wide aspect ratios such as 21:9 or 31:9. This gives the user a huge area to work on. One of the best features of ultrawide monitors is that they allow you to have multiple documents on the same screen, making them ideal for multitaskers who like to swap between multiple projects and apps. While a comfortable ultrawide monitor is around 34-inches in size, the largest screens can range up to 49-inches in width. Most ultrawide variants are slightly curved at the edges and bend the image according to your peripheral vision. Check out these good options for ultrawide 2K monitors that are ideal for you.

Samsung 34-inch (86.40cm) Curved Monitor

This monitor from Samsung is an ideal pick for gamers, designers, photo editors, filmmakers, 3D artists, data scientists, mainly because it comes with a 34-inch screen, which is big enough to get things done seamlessly. The resolution on this is 3440x1440p, which makes for a rich and accurate reproduction of the content on screen. A screen panel is a 100Hz unit, which is geared towards gamers. Since the monitor is curved, it is not only easier on the eyes, but also provides a more immersive experience. The display itself is height adjustable, meaning you can set it on your desk and get an optimal view which helps you stay productive. As for connectivity, it has an HDMI port, a thunderbolt port and a USB port. 

Samsung C34H890WJN

The Samsungs C34H890 should provide enhanced visual clarity and detailed crisp images. This is because it comes with a screen resolution of 3440x1440, which is more than two times the pixel density of Full HD. Thus, you can expect the best visual experience every time. This device is essential for multi-taskers who need a large workspace but don’t want to be bogged down by the trouble of setting up multiple monitors. The company’s PBP Dual-Screen function allows users to connect multiple devices simultaneously without affecting picture quality. To ensure better connectivity, the company has also provided a USB type C port that allows you to transfer power and data to and from other devices as well without a cable connection.

LG UltraWide 29 Inch WFHD (2560 x 1080) IPS Display

Looking for a 2K monitor but don’t want a massive display taking up half of your desk? This 29-inch monitor from LG is an excellent choice as it comes with a wide full HD resolution in an IPS panel screen, which is pretty good for watching movies, content, playing games and design work too. Incidentally, the large, 29-inch screen helps you stay efficient and more productive. For designers, this is a really good monitor as it comes with sRGB 99% colour accuracy. The screen panel supports HDR10, which makes content come alive, and also supports AMD Free sync, enhancing the gaming experience. Incidentally, it also comes with in-built speakers, a rarity in the monitor world. To top it all off, it has 2 HDMI ports.

LG 29 inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS Gaming, Multitasking Monitor

This 29-inch monitor is geared towards gamers more than it is towards other kinds of users. However, all users can use the large 29-inch screen, which is an IPS panel that looks great on the ultra-wide configuration. For gaming performance, it comes with a 75Hz refresh rate panel, a 1ms response time screen, and AMD Freesync, via which gamers can experience seamless, fluid movement throughout games without the need to upgrade graphics cards. Another feature geared towards gamers is the black stabilisation mode, which enhances dimly lit scenes in games to help you figure out where to go. At the back, you get multiple connectivity options in the form of a USB C, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA ports. 

Acer XR382CQK 37.5 Inch IPS Ultra Wide QHD 21:9 Curved Monitor 

For a truly impressive monitor that is curved and gives you a lot more screen than others, check out this option from Acer. It has a 37.5-inch curved screen, which, along with the 2K resolution of 3840 x 1600, really goes a long way towards bringing content to life, no matter what you’re doing. For professional video editors, photo editors, the large screen can be used to efficiently handle tools and software with ease. Data analysts who need to handle large amounts of information on the screen at once are going to wish they’d found this monitor sooner. Since the panel is an IPS, it makes for a vibrant display of colours while keeping a natural colour tone. It comes with AMD FreeSync, which enhances games. 

Dell U-Series 37.5" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Here is a professional-looking 37.5-inch monitor from Dell that has a curved screen. The screen is optimally curved to ensure that you don’t have to move your neck from side to side, which can cause issues in the long run. The curved screen also lets you be more focused on what you’re doing. Furthermore, it has minimal bezels on the sides, which maximises the area of the screen, enhancing your viewing experience. The monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 1600, which is quite good for all kinds of use cases, making it quite a versatile pick. At the back, it has HDMI connectors, a Displayport port, a USB Type-C port and 2 USB-A ports.


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