Gaming monitors to elevate your gaming experience on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published 20 Feb 2021 13:43 IST
Gaming monitors to elevate your gaming experience on Amazon India
Gaming monitors to elevate your gaming experience on Amazon India

Every other video game requires a high amount of computing power which is not possible on a regular monitor. Hence, for this purpose, gaming monitors are highly beneficial. Gaming monitors have high image rendering qualities which showcase every tiny detail to offer crystal clear imagery. It is also an impeccable monitor that reduces eye-fatigue and is feasible for longer hours of use. These gaming monitors are custom-assembled and are most effective for gaming purposes. While choosing the right gaming monitor, opt for ones that have a higher response and refresh rates. Here are a few options available on Amazon that will meet your gaming monitor expectations.

MSI Optix G241-24 IPS Gaming Monitor 

The MSI Optix G241 IPS Gaming Monitor has thorough tilting adjustments with an ergonomic design that provides a much-needed level of comfort whilst gaming. It is also equipped with IPS panels that enable the least colour shifts when viewed from different angles and eliminates image distortion, providing a better visual experience. This competent gaming monitor offers 144HZ refresh rate that not only makes the onscreen motion look smoother but also tracks fast-moving objects to handle fast-paced games efficiently. 

Lenovo G-25 10 FHD Gaming Monitor

To enable an optimum viewing experience, the Lenovo G-25 10 gaming monitor comes with a wide colour gamut. As the name suggests, it has Full HD resolution, which allows the user to see even the smallest of objects clearly. The monitor further comes with a 110 mm stand to adjust the screen. Gameplay is not fun with choppy or broken frames; hence this monitor is equipped with AMD Freesync Technology to deal with those jagged edges. Additionally, it has an edgeless monitor which contributes to a wide and attractive screen. 

AOC C24G1 Curved Gaming LED Monitor

The AOC C24G1 is a curved LED gaming monitor which enhances deeper immersion. Additionally, the monitor delivers multiple gaming modes; which can be customised according to the type of game played. Its frameless design offers a narrow border with the least bezel distraction making it great for gaming purposes. The gaming monitor also provides an 8-bit colour depth which makes colours pop for a single pixel along with a Full HD resolution. This exceptional gaming monitor not only provides Anti-flicker technology for relaxed viewing and gaming but also ensures stunning contrast and solid adjustment options. 

Acer's VG240Y 1 MS 144Hz Gaming Monitor

In the competitive gaming market, Acer’s VG240Y gaming monitor definitely stands out from the crowd. The monitor is loaded with numerous features that enable comfortable viewing with low dimming lights, and anti-flicker, which ensures excellent detail quality and transfers it to a remarkable gaming experience. Along with these features, this gaming monitor has a wide aspect ratio which frees up screen space, giving you a vivid viewing experience.

Acer Nitro 23.8 inch Full HD monitor

Acer Nitro is a great monitor if you are a gamer or a professional graphic designer. It contains a full HD IPS panel, and Radeon FreeSync technology ensures that you get smooth visuals while gaming and in general. The monitor has a refresh rate of 165Hz and the visual response time is set to  0.1MS. It also has a wide view angle and can be bent backwards or forward from -5 degrees to 20 degrees. The Acer Nitro is a great option for seamless gameplay and animation.

LG Ultragear 24 inch (60.96 cm) 144Hz, Native 1ms Full HD Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear is a 24-inch monitor with a wide-angle display and various connectivity options. It features a TN panel with DisplayPort, headphone out, 2 HDMI ports for connectivity and an ergonomic design containing a height-adjustable stand. The device has a refresh rate of 144Hz and a native response time of 1 ms, including various gaming display features, such as black stabilizer, dynamic action sync, crosshair, and on-screen control. Radeon FreeSync is built into the monitor to keep frames smooth.

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