Experience enhanced quality images with the best LED monitors on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 14 Apr 2021 17:04 IST
Experience enhanced quality images with the best LED monitors on Amazon India
Experience enhanced quality images with the best LED monitors on Amazon India

The monitor attached to your home or work PC setup is a critical factor in determining how good your experience is going to be. At its core, its job is simple – to show you the visual representation of your computing actions such as typing text, watching videos, playing games and more. However, you have to pick the best technology for a truly great experience, and for monitors, that means going for an LED display. LED monitors offer better picture quality and slimmer designs. Here are some great options available on Amazon that combine the right features and specifications for your needs.

Samsung 23.5 inch Curved LED Monitor

The Samsung monitor features a curved design for maximum immersion. Its 1800R screen, with its 1800mm radius of arc for greater curvature, ensures a wider field of view, improves depth perception and minimises distractions in your environment. The high curvature also ensures that your eyes are at the same distance from the screen, irrespective of where you’re looking. This helps reduce strain on your vision. Eye Saver Mode and Flicker-Free technology take this further by providing a more comfortable viewing experience. The 3000:1 contrast ratio of the display delivers vibrant visuals with great colour reproduction. At just 11.9mm, the monitor is very thin and sleek.

LG 23.8 inch Borderless LED Monitor

With over 99% of the sRGB spectrum covered, the LG monitor assures accurate colour reproduction for all your visuals. A design with minimal bezels aims to enhance your immersion to new levels. The 5W speakers powered by the MAXXAudio technology can complete your entertainment experience without depending on external speakers. Support for AMD FreeSync keeps your gaming visuals crisp. The model also features the Dynamic Action Sync technology to eliminate any lag during gaming. The monitor supports a wall-mounted installation, freeing up desk space for all your peripherals and other devices. The Black Stabiliser technology improves visibility in dark scenes.

HP 22 inch Full HD LED Monitor

The HP Monitor is designed to be attractive and ergonomic. Its 178-degree viewing angle gives you the freedom to sit anywhere in front of the screen without compromising visibility. The slim display and the three-sided bezel-less design make it an aesthetic addition to your setup. With VGA and HDMI ports onboard, connecting multiple devices is going to be a breeze. Enabling the ‘Low Blue Light’ feature of the display shifts the hues towards warmer shades, making all visuals less strenuous for the eyes. The Full HD IPS display supports a refresh rate of up to 60Hz, which helps supporting hardware deliver perfectly smooth and seamless gaming and videos.

Acer 21.5 inch LED Monitor

The ComfyView design on the Acer monitor aims to reduce the amount of reflected light on your screen. To reduce eye fatigue, the model uses the Low Dimming technology. This reduces the brightness to as low as 15% in darker environments. Additionally, Acer BlueLightShield and Acer Flickerless technology take eye care to the next level. The ZeroFrame design of the model promises thin bezels that can be particularly immersive when used in a multi-monitor setup. The wide viewing angle of the display ensures complete visibility around the room. To deliver lag-free visuals, the Acer monitor aims for a low response time of 4ms.

Lenovo 21.5 inch LED Monitor

The Lenovo monitor comes with a TUV Low Blue Light certification that ensures low levels of eye strain. The thin 2mm bezels make it a highly immersive display. Its In-Plane Switching technology helps seamless integration with multi-display setups. To tackle screen tearing and stutters, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync. The flexibility to choose between a tilt stand and wall-mounting gives you the freedom to optimise your setup according to your needs. For gamers, the monitor ensures a low response time of 4ms so that every move is reflected on the display without any perceptible lag. The 16:9 aspect ratio of the display is designed to match most of the popular content and multimedia that you can enjoy on the screen.

BenQ 21.5-inch LED Monitor

The exterior of the BenQ monitor features a textured finish that improves its aesthetic appeal as well as its scratch resistance. The base of the monitor is designed to eliminate irrelevant edges, keeping the structure highly functional. It also houses a cable management system to route all your display cables neatly, avoiding clutter on your desk. The 8-bit colour display aims to render 16.7 million colour shades simultaneously. This keeps your visuals vivid and true-to-source. With two HDMI ports available, you can keep it connected to your desktop PC while also keeping your laptop connected for a seamless transition between the two. 

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