Curved monitors for an immersive PC experience on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published 21 Feb 2021 17:13 IST
Curved monitors for an immersive PC experience on Amazon India
Curved monitors for an immersive PC experience on Amazon India

Curved screens are quickly rising in popularity. Curved screens are a great way to increase your overall immersion when it comes to experiencing visual media like movies and gaming. They have the added advantage of not needing to strain yourself, as the screen points all that visual information right at your eyes. Here are some of the best curved monitors that are available on Amazon. 

Samsung Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor- 23.5 inch

On the off chance that you are an enthusiastic gamer or a film buff, any social gathering that you host will transform into a game night or movie night. With the 23.5-inch Samsung screen at home, you should be upgrading your gaming and film-viewing experience. The screen has a curvature of 1:1800 which enables a better level of immersion while consuming content. The 1800R screen bend likewise guarantees that your eyes easily track over the whole screen area with minimal colour variance since the viewing angles are more consistent across the surface. With a Samsung VA panel you can enjoy dark blacks, splendid whites, and more extravagant tones, which upgrades your overall experience. 

Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor

This is a monitor gaming enthusiasts will want. Its major feature is its real speed and adaptive sync. Whether gaming at an angle or head-on, the action can be seen with complete clarity because of its in-plane or IPS technology. There is no washout or blurring, which is usually seen in artificial anti-blurring solutions. There are a wide array of colours in this monitor, with 98 percent DCI-P3 colour coverage. It has amazing brightness that brings action scenes to come alive. It is a 34-inch gaming monitor with 2 millisecond response time.

AOC 23.6-Inch Curved LED Gaming Monitor

Gaming enthusiasts love playing fast and nail-biting action sequences with visual output on a high-end monitor. This gaming monitor by AOC is 23.6-inch and is curved in design. Its refresh rate is 144Hz and with a response time of 1 ms. Its major highlight is its flicker-free technology, which makes gaming a fun-filled and exciting experience. It is a frameless and curved VA Panel with a full high-definition monitor with several dedicated and interesting gaming features, making this gaming monitor one of the most sought-after options. It is frameless, and its narrow border makes it look really cool.

Lenovo G27c-10 27" Curved Gaming Monitor

The Lenovo G27c-10 is an affordable 27-inch curved gaming monitor from Lenovo that comes with a 165 Hz refresh rate and supports Radeon FreeSync. It has a VA panel which means that the panel gives a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and for the I/O it comes with an HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2 and Audio Out ports. The monitor has two modes for the response time - Extreme mode which brings the response time down to 4 milliseconds while the normal mode keeps it at 6 milliseconds.

Dell 32-inch Curved QHD Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor by Dell is 32-inches imparting a high-end visual experience. It is a curved QHD monitor that is amazing in looks and optimal in functional efficiency. People who love gaming enjoy its amazing features like VA Panel, DP Ports, Swivel, Tilt, height adjustment, AMD Free-sync, and more. The whole ensemble comes with setup documents and a guide. It also comes with a power cable and 1 HDMI Cable. It is a 165Hz gaming monitor, which makes it a visual treat for gamers playing fast paced games.

HP 34F 34” Curved Monitor

This is an Ultra-wide QHD by HP with an amazingly sharp resolution. It promises vivid colours and crisp imagery from ultra-wide angles. This curved monitor is based on IPS technology, which delivers crisp and accurate colour. AMD FreeSync technology allows the viewers to enjoy pristine and fluid entertainment with no fluid tearing or blurring. Enhance your viewing experience by several notches with this curved monitor.

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