Best gaming monitors for your PS5 on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 22 Jul 2021 11:41 IST
Best gaming monitors for your PS5 on Amazon India
Best gaming monitors for your PS5 on Amazon India

The PlayStation 5 has made a huge performance leap over its predecessor’s capabilities. However, this also means that you’ll have to be extra careful when picking a monitor to match the source. Getting just any gaming monitor won’t be enough - you’ll need to select one that can take advantage of as many new features as possible. Whether it is the 4K resolution, the 120Hz refresh rate or more, meeting one or more of these requirements will let you experience console gaming like never before. Here are some gaming monitors available on Amazon that support one or more of PS5’s upgraded video output features. Additionally, they also offer a promising combination of specifications and features.

Acer Predator 27-inch Monitor

With support for NVIDIA G-Sync, the Acer Predator 27-inch monitor ensures that your display is always synchronised with your graphics card. This helps avoid screen tearing and artefacts. With a DisplayHDR 400 certification and 90% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut covered, the monitor promises great colour reproduction. Its 1ms response time eliminates motion blur to provide a seamless gaming experience. With a 4K resolution and up to 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor can make the most of your PS5’s video capabilities. The Predator Gameview software on the monitor lets you make quick adjustments to profiles, ambient lighting and more.

BenQ 28-inch UHD Monitor

The BenQ monitor comes with an ‘HDR with BI+’ feature, which can be activated by a single button on the monitor. This optimises the display settings for the content you’re viewing as well as your environment. Its TUV Rheinland certification assures that the monitor is suitable for longer viewing durations without straining your eyes. It keeps the display free from flickers and reduces the amount of blue light. Support for AMD FreeSync eliminates image tearing, broken frames, and choppy gameplay. For fast-paced action sequences in movies and games, the 1ms grey-to-grey response time removes motion blur, keeping your view crisp and clear. While the refresh rate is 60Hz, with a 4K screen, you can still enjoy the PS5’s high-resolution output.

Lenovo G-Series 24.5-inch FHD Monitor

With a high refresh rate of 144Hz, the Lenovo G-Series monitor is ready for extra smooth gaming on your PS5. The design features NearEdgeless bezels for a higher degree of immersion. With 400 nits of maximum brightness, the display promises great visibility even with a lot of ambient light. The combination of a low 1ms response time with NVIDIA G-Sync support keeps your gaming experience free from problems like ghosting, tearing, stuttering and streaking. Its height-adjustable stand lets you adjust the monitor’s positioning to suit your posture. To ensure minimum stress for your vision, the monitor also comes with a TUV Rheinland EyeComfort certification.

LG Ultragear 24 inch Monitor

With tilt, height and pivot adjustments, the LG Ultragear monitor allows a great degree of customisation to achieve the correct position for you. With a 144Hz refresh rate and a low response time of 1ms GTG, the monitor keeps your PS5 gaming crisp even during intense action sequences. Its Dynamic Action Sync feature reduces input lag to reflect your actions immediately on the screen. Radeon FreeSync technology aligns your display with your graphics card for smooth, tear-free visuals. With an anti-glare surface, your eyes are under less stress from the monitor. The Black Stabiliser feature improves the monitor’s performance in low light situations.


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