Beautiful computer monitors for homes and offices on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 16 Apr 2021 10:50 IST
Beautiful computer monitors for homes and offices on Amazon India
Beautiful computer monitors for homes and offices on Amazon India

Anyone who spends a significant time of their day in front of a PC knows the importance of a good monitor. Whether it is for work, play or other pursuits, the right display can make a world of difference in your usage. Factors like screen size, resolution, panel type can determine your overall experience. Whether you want to use it as a primary display or augment your laptop with a secondary screen for enhanced productivity, the advantages of adding a monitor to your setup apply to everyone today. Here are some models available on Amazon that offer a great combination of impressive specifications and features.

LG 19-inch (47 cm) HD Ready Monitor

Our eyes are affected by a flickering screen even when we aren’t able to spot it ourselves. The LG monitor addresses this with its Flicker-Free feature as well as the Reader Mode. The latter also reduces harmful blue light from the screen, making it easier for you to read longer. Many monitors make you fiddle with physical buttons for display controls, but the LG monitor is designed differently. Its OnScreen Control allows you to modify your screen configuration with a few clicks, with the My Display Presets section offering customised picture mode for specific software. The configuration also allows you to pick from 9 split screen and 4 picture-in-picture setups for maximum productivity.

Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

The 90-degree viewing angle on the Dell monitor allows you to adjust your work seating without losing visibility. The anti-glare and flicker-free display reduces the stress on your eyes, increasing the duration you can work without feeling fatigued. The low response time of 5ms helps ensure a lag-free experience for work and play. Its support for a refresh rate of up to 60Hz allows you to enjoy high frame rate content as long as it is supported by the rest of your system. As a budget-friendly option, the Dell monitor also makes for a great secondary display for your setup.

LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor

The ArcLine stand on the LG monitor is designed to offer the right mix of smoothness and solidness in a curved structure. Its arc design makes more space on your desk for other peripherals and items. The model supports AMD FreeSync technology for a smoother experience by avoiding tearing and stuttering. To improve visibility in poorly lit scenes, the LG monitor comes with the Black Stabiliser feature. The Reader Mode feature on the model is designed to reduce the harmful effect of blue light over extended usage. The monitor also aims to improve accessibility through its Color revision algorithms, used to help those with colour weakness distinguish all-important content.

Acer 21.5 Inch Ultra Slim Monitor

At just 6.6mm thick, the Acer monitor is ultra-slim and sleek, occupying minimal space on any work desk while also enhancing its aesthetics. This is further accentuated by the geometric white base for the stand. The ZeroFrame design uses very thin bezels for maximum immersion when you enjoy your favourite content. Its integrated 2W speakers can deliver audio even when no external speakers are connected. The monitor uses Acer VisionCare technology to reduce optical strain. Features like BlueLightShield and Flickerless help you use it for longer without any adverse effects on your vision. The full HD resolution of the monitor aims to deliver great detail for your videos, games and more.

Samsung 24 inch IPS LED Monitor

The Samsung monitor features a 3-sided bezel-less design, making it highly immersive, particularly in multi-monitor setups. The IPS panel on the display helps deliver wide viewing angles without loss of colour vividness and clarity. AMD Radeon Freesync technology ensures smooth visuals by synchronising the refresh rates of your monitor and graphics card. With support for a 75Hz refresh rate, even your high frame rate content can be truly enjoyed on this display. The Game Mode on the monitor configures it to deliver the best visuals for any game. The monitor features both HDMI and D-sub ports, allowing multiple devices to be connected straight to it.

BenQ EW2780 27-Inch IPS LED Monitor

The HDRi technology on the BenQ monitor offers intelligent clarity adjustment, ensuring better visibility even in darker scenes. The support for the 24P cinematic frame rate makes it well suited for enjoying your favourite movies and games. The model also pays extra attention to sound, evident from its built-in 2.5W speakers. The audio can be configured to Cinema, Pop/Live, Dialog/Vocal for the best sound experience for each type of content. This is powered by the treVolo True Sound technology. The Brightness Intelligence Plus technology allows the monitor to optimise the brightness and colour temperature for your environment. 

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