Best phones with variable refresh rate displays on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 26 Nov 2021 11:49 IST
Best phones with variable refresh rate displays on Amazon India
Best phones with variable refresh rate displays on Amazon India

A phone with variable refresh rate can help you conserve battery and make the most out of games, video content and more. Here are some of the best such phones.

Fast displays on smartphones are changing the way we look at mobile screens. A high refresh rate makes for smoother transitions, animations, and makes the phone seem a lot faster. The downside is that it takes up a lot of battery, but not in phones which can vary the refresh rate depending on what’s on screen. This means, when gaming, you can get up to 120Hz refresh rates, while on the ambient displays, it can drop down to even 1Hz, conserving battery. Smartphones perform this feat so seamlessly that it is almost impossible to notice the switch in refresh rates. Here are some of the best phones with variable refresh rate displays.  

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is backed by an A15 Bionic chipset, which is highly efficient at performing all tasks- be it gaming, photo processing, video editing, or handling regular day to day usage. This helps the battery operate optimally, and send only the required power for apps. This, along with the variable refresh rate make for a really long battery life on this iPhone. The refresh rate can go as high as 120Hz, which is great for gaming, video editing, and sometimes, even watching movies and video content. The display isn’t just fast, it is also highly detailed- it is a Retina XDR screen that’s rich and highly detailed. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Here’s a phone with a captivating display - it is curved at the sides, and a dynamic AMOLED panel that makes for an extremely rich representation of on-screen information. The display has a dynamic refresh rate that goes all the way up to 120Hz. When performing everyday tasks and swiping through applications, the refresh rate can match what is required for specific transitions, animations and more, making the screen look responsive and more attuned to your touch inputs. This, along with the AMOLED panel can help you conserve a lot of battery. The 120Hz panel is enhanced by the fact that you can perform next to all tasks on this highly performance-focused phone.

OnePlus 9 Pro 5G

Leave no stone unturned with the OnePlus 9 Pro at your side. The screen is impressive to see on a smartphone- a 6.7-inch, fluid 120Hz AMOLED panel. The 120Hz AMOLED screen is great for video consumption, gaming, and forgetting day to day tasks done. Under the hood, the phone packs a Snapdragon 888 chipset, which is built around versatile use. Not just that, the performance is quite impressive to see too. At the back, you get a quad-camera setup co-developed by studio camera maker Hasselblad. The phone is capable enough to handle large amounts of data and applications at once thanks to the 12GB RAM and the 256GB storage. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Even when working professionally on your phone, you need a display that works well. The Note 20 Ultra is perfect for productivity, and the display enhances that. You get a 6.9-inch curved screen, a 2X AMOLED infinity panel along with a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Backing your productivity is 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon 865+ processor. You also get a stylus with the phone which lets you get creative with how you use a phone. At the back, there are a set of three cameras which make for impressive photo quality. With the large screen and impressive internals, you get top-notch performance. 

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