Best Camera Smartphones for Photography on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published on 25 Nov 2020
Best Camera Smartphones for Photography on Amazon India
Best Camera Smartphones for Photography on Amazon India

With every new smartphone generation, one aspect that is bound to get better is the camera. Smartphone cameras these days are pushing the boundaries of image processing and megapixel counts. With megapixel counts over 100, it is easy to pick up a smartphone with image quality and processing to rival a DSLR camera. If you’re having a hard time selecting one, then here are some of the best smartphones available on Amazon for shutterbugs who want the convenience of a highly reliable camera in their pocket.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

It is perhaps the most well-known fact that Apple’s iPhones give you some of the best camera results on a smartphone. The smartphone uses highly technical image processing to give your images a professional look. The triple camera setup at the back houses a wide and ultra-wide-angle lens for capturing the broadest of horizons and is paired with a telephoto lens for extra details. With optimal edge detection, soft backgrounds, intelligent light optimisation and pro camera control in the stock camera app, the phone makes it easy for you to leave your big ol’ DSLR at home. The Apple iPhone can save images in HEIF or JPEG formats.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Samsung phones are well known for their high-end system and camera performance. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G offers cutting edge camera technology that is matched by the software and image processing to give you the most out of your pocket camera. The 108-megapixel OIS lens makes sure that your photos stay detailed and in focus, while the 48MP OIS telephoto lens lets you zoom in in high quality and get closer to the action. Since the telephoto lens is such a high resolution, you can put it on a tripod and try your hand at some serious wildlife photography. Pair that up with the final 12-megapixel sensor, and you’ve got a nearly unbeatable camera performer on Android platform. The Note 20 Ultra 5G also has a stylus, which lets you remotely click pictures.

Vivo X50 Pro

Here is a flagship smartphone with a quad-camera array at the back. The Vivo X50 Pro sports a primary 48-megapixel custom Sony sensor, which promises superior photography performance. The other 3 cameras on the phone consist of a 50mm focal length camera for professional-looking portrait shots, a macro and wide-angle lens merged into one and finally, a periscope lens to offer up to 5X optical zoom and 60X hyper zoom. The Gimbal Camera stabilisation can get you better results than OIS technology, which is found only on this phone. These features make the phone a versatile performer when it comes to smartphone cameras.

OPPO Find X2

This phone has got all the high-end numbers in its cameras – a 48-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 13-megapixel telephoto camera. The phone complements these flagship camera specifications with a slew of AI enhancements that make the image processing work to give you the best results. The AI enhancements allow the phone to recognise a scene – landscape, portrait, macro or what have you – and automatically tune the camera settings to give the best possible result. The AI algorithm will soon learn your style and tune itself to that. 


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