Top OTG ovens with motorized rotisserie feature on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 13 Jan 2022 18:50 IST
Top OTG ovens with motorized rotisserie feature on Amazon India
Top OTG ovens with motorized rotisserie feature on Amazon India

Are you a baking or grilling enthusiast? Then an OTG oven would be a great addition to your kitchen! From pizzas and cakes to cookies and tandoori chicken, an OTG oven can cook nearly anything and everything. These appliances can bake, toast, and grill, offering an all-in-one solution for most of your cooking needs. However, you can’t just buy any microwave that has an OTG tag on it.  There are a lot more variables to consider before finalising any variant, such as its capacity, temperature control, accessories, and power consumption. To ensure that you end up with the ideal OTG oven, make sure that it has at least 19-20 litres of cooking capacity, a motorised rotisserie, and easy temperature control. Here are a few good OTG ovens on Amazon that come equipped with a motorised rotisserie.   

American Micronic Digital OTG 

The American Micronic Digital OTG features a built-in timer and an auto shut-off function. This helps reduce the chances of overcooking and idle usage. Coming equipped with customisable and pre-programmed heat modes, it lets you cook any recipe at the touch of a button. As it has a transparent and toughened glass door, it provides optimal visibility of how your food is getting cooked. With a non-stick baking tray, the American Micronic Digital OTG prevents food from getting stuck on the surface. It also has a built-in digital control panel that lets you seamlessly switch between different cooking modes, temperatures, and timers. Offering a cooking capacity of 42 litres, this OTG can prepare nearly everything. In addition to these specs, this kitchen appliance also comprises specially designed back bumpers, a motorised rotisserie, and premium built quality. 

Bajaj TMSS OTG (2200) 

The Bajaj TMSS OTG (2200) comes with a total of 7 accessories - a grill tray, a baking tray, a crumb tray, multiple skewer rods, tongs, and a motorised rotisserie. Hence, it can become the MVP of your kitchen, allowing you to make a wide array of recipes! To help you keep a watch on the cooking time, it also boasts a 60-minute timer. Having a capacity of 22 litres, the Bajaj TMSS OTG (2200) is ideal for a family of 4-5. But the feature that makes it a tad bit better than other generic OTGs is its Nutri-Pro cooking mode that specialises in heart-healthy cooking. Apart from these specifications, it also has a sturdy stainless-steel body, hence giving you the peace of mind that it would ably resist rust.   

Inalsa Master Chef OTG 

The Inalsa Master Chef OTG leverages 1300 Watts of power to quickly heat up your food within 2-3 minutes only. This translates to faster and better cooking! Featuring a stay-on function, the oven can keep your food warm for hours even after it has been cooked. It offers a flexible temperature range of 100-250° C, enabling you to cook different meats with ease. It can toast up to 6 slices of bread or bake a 9-inch pizza, thanks to its 19-litre cooking capacity. As high-efficiency heating elements are positioned at the top and bottom of this oven, it can help you toast, bake, brown, and reheat to perfection. The Inalsa Master Chef OTG is furnished with a unique 6-way heat setting and 2 rack positions to meet different cooking needs. 

Borosil OTG (BOTG30CRS13)  

The Borosil OTG (BOTG30CRS13) is equipped with an ergonomically-designed handle that stays cool irrespective of the temperature, making it safe and easy to operate. It comes with all the accessories you'll need for a fulfilling cooking session. These include a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, a cooking tray, a grill rack, a rotisserie rod set, and an axis with a fork. Plus, if you frequently like grilling meats and vegetables, the Borosil OTG (BOTG30CRS13) would be the perfect fit for you! The appliance can uniformly heat, rotate, and cook your food through its rotisserie function, making way for nearly perfect consistency. A few other features of this appliance are a six-stage heating function, a 60-minute mechanical timer, and a 30-litre capacity.       

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