Microwave ovens with touch button panel for finer control on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 07 Jul 2021 15:12 IST
Microwave ovens with touch button panel for finer control on Amazon India
Microwave ovens with touch button panel for finer control on Amazon India

A good microwave oven lets you cook healthy and tasty dishes for your friends and family, which makes it a necessity for every modern-day kitchen. Luckily, the market is full of microwave ovens at every price range you can think of but finding a decent one can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So to help you out, here’s a list of some of the best microwave ovens that you can buy on Amazon right now. 

Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG

If you are planning to buy a large capacity microwave oven for your home, then Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG will be a great choice. This 900-watt microwave oven from Panasonic has a capacity of 27 litres which makes it a perfect fit for families with 3 to 4 members. The microwave oven allows you to cook, bake, reheat, defrost and grill with the touch of a button. It is equipped with a touch keypad that is easy to use and clean. It has an auto cook menu that consists of 101 dishes to help you cook food easily and quickly. Panasonic has equipped it with Magic Grill technology, which uses its back and top grill simultaneously to quickly provide more heat and cook food. The microwave weighs 20.4 kilograms and measures 51.3 x 42.7 x 30.5 centimetres.


One of the best things about the IFB 30FRC2 is the inbuilt rotisserie which lets you cook restaurant-like barbeque from the comfort of your home. It is an 800-watt microwave with a capacity of 30 litres, making it a good choice for families that have 4 to 5 members. IFB has packed this microwave with a variety of features and technologies that let you cook, grill, defrost, ferment, reheat and keep the food warm using its touch-sensitive keypad that’s not only easy to clean but also easy to use. The Steam Clean function uses steam to clean the microwave cavity in a matter of minutes. It even has a 101 auto cook menu to help you cook your favourite dishes without much work. IFB 30FRC2 weighs 18.4 kilograms and measures 44 x 53.9 x 30 centimetres.

Samsung MC28H5033CK

Samsung is an electronics brand that needs no introduction thanks to its high-quality products like the Samsung MC28H5033CK. This 28-litre microwave is specially designed for Indian kitchens and is equipped with an auto cook menu filled with Indian recipes. It has an LED display and a touch keypad for effortless cleaning and usage. Samsung has installed Slim Fry technology that lets you enjoy healthier fried food without the need to deep fry them while also saving you the time and energy it takes to clean oily deep-frying utensils. This 900-watt microwave oven weighs just 17.5 kilograms and measures 47.5 x 51.7 x 31 centimetres making it easy to fit and move. So cook, bake, reheat, defrost and grill to your heart’s content using this 28-litre microwave from Samsung.

Samsung MC32J7035CT/TL

Samsung products are so good that here’s another one from them. Samsung MC32J7035CT/TL is a 32-litre microwave oven with a convection temperature of up to 200-degree celsius. This high capacity microwave oven from Samsung is a good choice for all your cooking, reheating, grilling, defrosting and baking needs. Samsung has equipped it with Slim Fry technology to ensure you can eat your favourite fried food without worrying about gaining those extra calories. It also has a fermentation function, so you enjoy fresh homemade curd and dough anytime you want. The microwave has an auto cook menu that covers a wide range of dishes, desserts and snacks. This 32-litre microwave oven from Samsung is 20 kilograms in weight and measures 50.6 x 52.3 x 30.9 centimetres.

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