Microwave ovens with easy auto cook menu options for easy cooking on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 07 Jul 2021 15:27 IST
Microwave ovens with easy auto cook menu options for easy cooking on Amazon India
Microwave ovens with easy auto cook menu options for easy cooking on Amazon India

A microwave oven helps the user cook, bake and reheat without the need to buy three different pieces of equipment, making it a must-have for every kitchen. If you don’t have one, you should consider buying one to decrease your efforts in the kitchen but finding a decent one online can prove to be a herculean task. So here’s a list of some of the best microwave ovens with easy auto cook menu options to make cooking food as easy as taking candy from a baby. 

Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG

This Panasonic microwave oven comes packed with a 101 auto cook menu that will help you cook several dishes without the need to remember the settings. Its 101 auto cook menu includes 3 reheat menus, 41 main/side dishes, 18 soups/snacks, 10 grill menus, 8 Japanese menus, and 21 desserts. Panasonic NN-CT645BFDG has a capacity of 27 litres and uses 900 watts of power, making it a perfect choice for small families of bachelors living together. This microwave oven allows the user to grill, defrost, reheat and bake to their heart’s content. It comes equipped with a small digital screen and a touch control panel for hassle-free operation. The microwave oven incorporates two grills, one at the top and one at the back, that works simultaneously for quick and easy cooking/baking.


If you are looking for a microwave oven for your home to fulfil all your baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking needs, then do check this one out. The LG MC2886SFU is a 28-litre microwave oven with a huge auto cook menu consisting of 251 dishes. LG has even packed it with a motorised rotisserie so you can create restaurant-like food sitting at home. For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, this LG microwave oven comes with a feature called Diet Fry that lets you cook tasty food with minimal oil usage. The provided roti basket can be used to create exotic Indian rotis without much trouble. You can also prepare ghee, curd, and paneer much quicker than other conventional methods. It comes with push buttons and a jog dial to ensure long life and easy usage.  

Samsung MC28H5025VP/TL

The Samsung MC28H5025VP/TL has a 28-L capacity, which makes it ideal for large families. It is equipped with an auto cook menu so that you can enjoy all the dishes you crave. It also has two special features - slim fry and Indian recipe - which means you can experiment with different cooking techniques with ease. This microwave also has a rotisserie. The deodorisation feature ensures that the interiors don’t smell like old food, which can help you maintain a higher level of hygiene. 


IFB products are one of the best in the market, and the same can be said for this microwave oven. IFB 30FRC2 is a 30-litre microwave oven suitable for the baking, cooking, reheating, defrosting, and grilling needs of large families consisting of up to 6 members. It features a 101 auto cook menu that covers up most of the basic dishes and desserts that an average Indian family would use. It comes with a digital display and touch buttons that are both easy to use as well as clean. It has an auto-defrost option to defrost food quickly and easily, while the steam clean option cleans up the microwave’s insides from oil and grease using steam. IFB has even equipped it with a feature called Temperature Protection, which switches off its heating element if the temperatures get too high, protecting the user and the microwave from harm.

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