Microwave ovens that can be used for grilling and toasting on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 07 Jul 2021 14:08 IST
Microwave ovens that can be used for grilling and toasting on Amazon India
Microwave ovens that can be used for grilling and toasting on Amazon India

There’s no denying that microwave ovens are extremely handy and always help you out in a pickle. In that light, having a good microwave oven becomes essential, as it helps you to manage your kitchen more effectively and make your life eaier. A microwave oven can serve multiple purposes and can help you prepare dishes that a conventional gas stove cannot. These days, microwave ovens come with inbuilt grillers and toasters, giving them a range of functionality and also the ability to replace some existing gadgets in your kitchen. These ovens will help you prepare more dishes and many more tasty food items. So if you’re in the market for a microwave oven, invest in one of these that lets you take microwave cooking to the next level. 

Philips HD6975/00 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill, Grey, 25 liter

Here is an OTG microwave oven from Philips, and it promises to do a range of tasks- especially when it comes to toasting and grilling. An OTG functions as a microwave oven and brings in the functionality of a traditional oven, a high-end toaster, and even a griller. If you’re using this for making cakes and breads, then the opti-temp technology ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the oven, which helps cakes and bread rise perfectly and gain that lovely fluffy texture. It features a nifty display with a control panel and also a simple, one-touch button. These make for ease of use for selecting modes, dishes and temperatures. Along with the microwave itself, you also get a whole lot of accessories for different types of cooking so that you can make the most out of the OTG microwave.

Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave Oven(NN-CT645BFDG,Black, Magic Grill)

Here is a traditional conventional microwave oven from Panasonic, with 27 litres of capacity. It promises to make things easier for you, especially when it comes to cooking exquisite dishes. It has preset modes for grills, tandoori dishes, Japanese dishes, sweets, cakes, cookies, desserts and more, and also comes with the added equipment required to make said dishes. It also comes with a cookbook, which you can use to get creative with your cooking. Even when it comes to everyday cooking, the microwave will help you out as it can effectively reheat and defrost food items, great for when you want to heat up food from the fridge. There is one grill underneath and one on the top, which accentuates the effect of the grill, giving food a better, more charred and grilled texture. 

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 30SSRC OTG (30 Liters) 

If you’re someone who loves to make fancy dishes, grilled food, sweets and more, then this OTG microwave is the right pick for you. The OTG itself is very easy to use and comes with a cookbook- this lets you in on some of the culinary secrets of the OTG oven and how to utilise it effectively and make use of all the various components as well. Each of the control knobs let you fine-tune your cooking so that you get the results you desire. Apart from that, the OTG is quite quick to heat up and doesn’t take much time to prepare tasty dishes ready for consumption. The convection mode makes for fast cooking and consistently heats up all your food items evenly. Since it has quite a large capacity, it can be used for warming multiple food containers at once. 

Borosil 30 Liters Otg With Motorised Rotisserie And Convection, Black

Here’s another large OTG for homes with many foodies. It packs in some of the best features in the form of a motorised rotisserie and a griller. The rotisserie gives prime results for barbecuing things like paneer, potatoes, and even meats. Since it is motorised, you can expect an evenly crisp texture on the food items. Apart from that, the convection mode evenly heats up the food and makes it ready for consumption, while the toaster comes in handy for making snacky dishes such as bread pizza, mini pizzas and more. In the convection oven mode, you can also use it for baking cakes, making cookies and making your friends go gaga over your cooking. Incidentally, each of the controls can be manually tuned to get the best possible results as per your liking. 

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