Best small display laptops on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 25 Oct 2021 11:33 IST
Best small display laptops on Amazon India
Best small display laptops on Amazon India

Laptops with small displays generally are compact and easy to carry around. Here are some of the top laptops with a small display.

Having a large screen sure has its advantages, but so does a small screen. A small screen has a higher pixel density, which means that text, images, photos, and videos will seem very clear even on a full HD resolution. Not just that, a small screen means a small chassis as well, which makes the whole device all the more portable. So, here are some of the best small display laptops on Amazon. 

Fujitsu UH-X

Even as far as thin and lightweight laptops go, this one trumps them all - it weighs just 878 grammes, and manages to pack a punch in the performance department. The laptop features a unique style, which sets it apart from the hordes of black laptops. This is a professional laptop with top of the line specifications built around the workflow of power users. The laptop features an Intel Core i7 processor along with 16GB of RAM. This should be enough to run almost all the demanding applications with ease, without worrying about lag, performance issues or stutters. Finally, the 512GB internal SSD keeps things fast and should ensure that performance remains reliable in the long run. 

2020 Apple MacBook Air

The 13.3 inch MacBook Air is a great pick for creatives as the screen uses Apple’s Retina technology, which lends it extreme detail, rich colours and accurate visuals. This can come in very handy for digital creators, VFX artists, graphic designers and more. The laptop has one of the best battery life in the segment, and can easily get you through a full day’s work. This is quite beneficial if you happen to travel a lot while working. The laptop’s M1 chip is built for mobility use which means programs and apps run just fine on battery, and also offer fast performance. The limitation with the laptop is that you only get two USB-C ports, however, a simple dongle should fix that. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X 1876

This laptop is the best Windows experience on a system. If you want your Windows PC to run smoothly, without lag, and ensure the operating system is always up to date with the latest features, and the most highly optimized Windows performance, the Surface Pro X is the laptop to pick up. It is more of a tablet, as the keyboard deck is the cover that goes on the screen to protect it, and all the main ports are located on the screen panel. The screen is 13-inches and features high pixel density making things look rich and detailed. The laptop uses Microsoft’s in-house chip- the SQ1, which is built for small form factor mobile performance. There’s also a kickstand at the back which props up the tablet.

HP Pavilion 13 13-bb0075TU

This 13.3-inch laptop from HP comes in not only a lightweight package but also with high-end specifications so that you’re always at your productive best. The 13.3-inch screen on this laptop is an FHD panel, which keeps things crisp and clear. The screen is optimal for keeping yourself entertained, and also for tasks such as video and photo editing. In fact, you can easily edit on the go as this laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor, 16GB RAM and 512GB of fast NVMe SSD storage. The laptop will make short work of most tasks, and the thin and lightweight design ensures great portable performance. Despite its ultra-slim form factor, it keeps a good selection of ports.

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