Multipurpose Juicer Mixer Grinders that will help save time and effort on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 13 Oct 2021 15:11 IST
Multipurpose Juicer Mixer Grinders that will help save time and effort on Amazon India
Multipurpose Juicer Mixer Grinders that will help save time and effort on Amazon India

While talking about kitchen equipment, a juicer-mixer-grinder cannot be overlooked as this is a must-have appliance for every kitchen. It helps you prepare nutritious breakfasts complete with juices and also allows you to grind your favourite spices and add that secret twist to your recipes! If you are planning to get a multipurpose juicer mixer and grinder, then read on to know which are the best ones available online right now and what are their features.

Philips Amaze juicer mixer grinder

Philips Amaze(HL7576/00) offers an exclusively designed juicer mixer grinder equipped with a 600W powerful torque X motor that has short-armed strong blades for optimum grinding and juicing performance. The innovative design of the sieve ensures proper extraction of juice from the toughest of fruits and vegetables to avoid any wastage. It comes with three multi-utility jars, a blender jar (1.5 litres), a multipurpose jar (0.75 litres), a chutney jar (0.4 litres) and one jar for freshly squeezed juices. Philips claims that these jars are leakproof and come with a well-secured locking mechanism along with a spill-free detachable and non-breakable spout. All these features make it easy to maintain, clean and use in the long run. This kitchen appliance comes with three-speed controls and an easy-grip pulp chamber that lets you get rid of pulp without switching it off. The jar and blade are made of food-grade stainless steel and the blender jar is equipped with flow breakers and anti-skid feet to assure utmost safety.

Sujata juicer mixer grinder

This juicer mixer grinder by Sujata has a 900W motor under its hood that accounts for high efficiency. It has double ball bearings which increase its durability and makes it a low maintenance product. The juicer has a unique honeycomb filter mesh that ensures high yield as it squeezes out juice properly and with minimum pulp so you can enjoy it to the fullest. It can rotate up to speeds of 22,000 rpm to deliver you fresh and unadulterated juice of your favourite fruits at home! Sujata has ensured that this juicer mixer grinder can work up to 90 minutes without sweat and its sharp stainless steel blades cut things finely at a faster rate. You can keep an eye on the ingredients inside the jars as they have transparent lids. 

Havells Vitonica juicer mixer grinder

The Havells Vitonica juicer mixer grinder comes with three jars which have a capacity of 400ml, 800ml and 1.5 litres. Its stainless steel blades can rotate up to speeds of 21000 rpm which ensures finer pastes. The jars are also equipped with flow breakers for better grinding and liquidizing. All these functionalities are delivered with the help of its 24 mm stack height motor that has dual exhausts that enhance its durability. If you’re a beginner then it can prove to be a great investment as it doesn’t cost much and has easy to use features like body locks and speed switch with pulse function and food pusher which make it extremely user-friendly. 

Prestige Iris juicer mixer grinder

The Prestige Iris juicer mixer grinder has three stainless steel jars (for specific functions) It includes a transparent juicer jar with a sieve and two other jars that have four super-efficient blades installed inside to cut faster and finer. It is powered by a 750-watt motor and the jars have sturdy handles made of premium quality material to offer firm grip during grinding or mixing. Another feature that gives it an edge over its competitors is its low operating noise (between 80-90 decibels). These jars can come in handy for making dips, sauces, juice and even grinding spices. The blades can achieve speeds up to 20000 rpm. It has an advanced locking mechanism that prevents the mixer from starting unless the jar is locked in place properly and the motor is switched off automatically in case of overheating which makes it a great and safe addition to modern kitchens.

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